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Relationship between Austin and Lee

Alles zu Sam Shepard  - True West

Alexander Esser Montag, 17. Oktober 2005

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Scene 1 Relationship between Austin and Lee
Lee and Austin do not have a very good relationship. However both of them have some fault, that they don’t get along with each other very well. You cannot complain about Austin’s success. Nevertheless he always emphasises, that he succeeds. He treats Lee like a person which is worth less. This gets clear at different passages. For example Austin shows, that he is able to buy some real coffee. Lee just drinks beer, but his reaction shows, that, first, coffee from the bean is very expensive in that time, and that, second, he also would like to drink some coffee. Yet he is to proud to accept Austin’s offer to give him some coffee (comp. p. 8, l. 7ff.). Austin continues making clear, that he is more successful than Lee. So, he mentions his family, his car, his job, which all symbolise his success.
As a consequence of that, Lee becomes envious, of course. This jealousy even raises, because Lee isn’t very tolerant to Austin and especially because he gets upset very fast. Lee makes clear, that he also is allowed to visit their mother’s house and also is able to water her plants, even if Austin said nothing to the contrary (comp. p. 9, l. 29).
In this passage you also see, that Austin and Lee distrust each other. Lee supposes Austin to wanting to show, that he’s worth more again. Austin himself, is not very pleased about Lee’s presence, either. The atmosphere is aggressive and full of insinuations.
So, you see, that Austin and Lee do not have a very good relationship.
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Explanation of the relationship between Austin and Lee based on Scene 1 in Sam Shepard - "True West" (284 Wörter)
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