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Leaving Liverpool

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Leaving Liverpool

In „Leaving Liverpool“ the director shows criticism on child migration.
In the establishing shot you can see the assembly hall of a school with all the children, the headmasters and people from the government.
First John Moss asks the children British Colonies. At this point the children are shown from a high angle. Maybe it should be the perspective of John Moss because he stands at the stage with some other people.
He pretends to be friendly but you see that he isn`t because when a child answers “America” as a British colony he says quietly “oh my goodness”. He doesn’t like America but wants to send the children far away to Australia, Rhodesia and Canada. John Moss is only playing a role because he isn`t really friendly. When the director shows close shots of the adults you can see that the headmasters also don`t look very friendly. It seems as if nobody cares about the children. They only want to use them for child migration. Some look as if it was routine for them and they only wait.
During the speech you see special children in close-ups. The effect is that you can see their emotions and how they feel about the whole thing. Many children listen interested, but at the same time they aren`t sure if it`s a good idea. Some small children yawn because the speech is too long for them and they are too young to understand what`s going on. One girl looks very sad because she thinks of her mother. She doesn`t want to leave her and go that far away from home. John Moss describes Australia as a country with many sheep. He sees himself as the herdsman and all the children as his sheep that must do everything he wants.
When John Moss talks about the British Commonwealth nobody knows what to do but when he presents the leaving of Liverpool as an adventure almost all children become enthusiastic at once.
The people use the children but the children feel as if it was a game and a boy even counts which country he wants to go to. The girl who doesn`t want to go has no choice because everybody does. The children go to the tables where some people write down which child will go to which country.
Then there is an over-the-shoulder shot. You can see a little boy writing down or saying his name which you see from over the shoulder of a man at the table. After that the man shakes hands with the boy who at once begins to smile. He doesn`t know what happens. He sees the whole thing as an adventure or a game as same as the others do.
There is a lot of criticism because the adults use the children for migration although the children even don`t know what it is.
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