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Eigenes Englisches Gedicht (Hänsel und Gretel)

Alles zu Fairy talesPoem based on the German fairytale "Hänsel and Gretel"

Once upon a time,
There are two children who are very fine.
Their father is a woodcutter,
The stepmother is always in mutter.
One day she angry says:
Come on man, well give our kids away!
The mother forges many plans,
But Hänsel and Gretel arent big fans.
Hänsel hears his mother very greedy,
Oh, he must do something, very speedy.
Too late! The parents bring them in the wood,
But the two children think quite good.
The path with pebbles they scatter,
To find the way to their home better.
The parents bring them in the wood,
But the two children think quite good.
This time they scatter the path with bread,
The birds of the forest eat them and become fat.
In the deep dark forest both must stand many fears,
And soon flow the first tears.
Gretel screams very loud,
Cause they cant find the way out.
Later on their way, they find a house of gingerbread,
Hänsel is amazed, so he touches his head.
The house is full of sweets and chocolate,
So they eat them and are pretty glad.
Suddenly, the witch opens the door with a kick,
She comes near to them and says with a tongues flick:
What are you doing here? How are you?
Mmh, the candies. Come Ill give you a few.
The first day she cooks, but then she comes in rage,
And put Hänsel away in the cage.
Gretel must help and bake much bread,
The witch look at Hänsels finger whether hes more fat.
One day Hänsel and Gretel want to take the witch for a ride,
Instead of his finger he gives her a bone with pride.
She doesnt notice the trick cause she has a long sight,
Hänsel and Gretel Want to get free, in this way they fight.
Shes impatient and stops to feed him,
Because shell eat limb for limb.
Gretel should get the oven on fire,
But from the hard work she is tired.
Ill get a heart attack,
You dont know how to handle that?
What a little dumb maid,
Look at me how I glide!
So the witch crawls into the stove,
Very fast Gretel shuts the doors above.
Here the witch shrieks loudly like a bell,
Now the bad woman lives in hell.
But that isnt Hänsels and Gretels only pleasure,
In the witchs cellar they find a great, big treasure.
After they are lucky to find their home,
Both swear, that they`ll never roam.
Das ist ein selbst geschriebenes Gedicht auf Englisch. Inhaltlich geht es um Hänsel und Gretel - basierend somit auf dem berühmten Märchen (ATU 327A) der Gebrüder Grimm. (418 Wörter)
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