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Englisch-Hausaufgabe - eigene Meinung zu ASBO

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Formal letter

Dear Mag,
In the last output, we were asked, what we think about ASBO. So, in my opinion, it is a really good organisation for teenagers. Because in the life of a teenager, not everything is always alright. They have often problems for example with their family, with their friends, with their boy- or girlfriend or also school. Most teenagers manage these problems, but some of them get depressive or they despair and start doing stupid things. Some drink, smoke or do drugs underaged. They also can start being violent or do other things, that they can let off steam. The reason of it, are mostly problems in their life. But some teenagers start doing stupid things like spraying graffiti, using racist language dealing drugs, because they want to be cool, or because they are pressured to do this. They are often pressured by friends or strangers. Group pressure is also a common reason for doing such things. They just want to appertain and then they do not think about what they are doing.
I think, being drunk underaged is not such bad. But for some other things like being violent or something like that, you maybe have to go to prison. When you are older and have to apply for a job anytime, it is really bad, when you have been in prison before. Your chances are lots better, when you got yourself under control again, without going to prison.
All in all, I take the view, that ASBO is really good. It helps teenagers, who are in trouble and protect them virtually from prison. Many teenagers go to ASBO with lots of negative characteristics and come out with a completely different attitude of life.


output > Ausgabe
be pressured > gezwungen werden
appertain > dazu gehören
I take the view > Ich bin der Ansicht
virtually > gewissermaßen

Englischhausaufgabe, in der die eigene Meinung zum ASBO in einem Brief auf Englisch erläutert wird. (310 Wörter)
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