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What defines Britishness?

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What defines Britishness?

At the end of the article, the man who was declared Britain's most average person, named Peter Williamson, said he is proud to be British. Now why did he say that and what is behind it?
According to the text, the average Britain does certain things, like drinking three cups of tea per day or driving a Ford Fiesta, that define him as British. As it appears, Mr. Williamson does all of those things. But he's not doing them on purpose; he just wants to live a quiet and peaceful life. As he said, he just wants to be happy, even if this means not achieving anything great. He has his loving family, nice house and job, which provide him with a happy and satisfying life. If this is considered to be typically British, he is proud of it.
In my opinion, a certain way of life doesn't really reflect what type of person you are and what nationality you have. Of course every country is said to have its own specific habits and trademarks, but that doesn't mean all people in that country follow them. I can say I am proud to live in ...............
Because we have a lot less problems than other countries and can live a rather easy and peaceful life, but I wouldn't say I am proud to be ............... I don't think the country and it's traditions define me as a person, my personality does.

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16.11.2013 von noname123
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