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Zusammenfassung: White Fang

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Jack London - White Fang: Summary of the plot

It is a very cold winter in Alaska and two Indians travel with six dogs. One of the dogs escape from the Indians and had been a wild dog. This dog is called Kiche and she is half dog and half wolf she got some cubs from a wolf, which was called One Eye. Only one was staying alive. He is called White Fang. He grew up in the wildness and with a few months he and his mother are catched by Indians. One other dog do bully him so he spend most of the time by the humans. They must give him away to another man. He let him fight a lot of dogs fight and he often wound badly, but he must fight every day and was treated very bad. When he -loses a fight he was given to the man, which was the owner from the dog which had won against him. They give him fastly to a man in San Francisco. He was treated very good and liked his new owner. When a theft had broken into the house of his owner, he jumped on him and murdered him. He was wounded badly but he was staying alive.

Es ist eine Zusammenassung des Buches White Fang von Jack London. (244 Wörter)
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