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GFS-könnt ihrs euch mal durchlesen?

Frage: GFS-könnt ihrs euch mal durchlesen?
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hey leute!des hier is meine englisch gfs die ich morgen abgeben muss..bin ziemlich schlecht geworden in englisch also bräucht ich eure hilfe
könntet ihr euch des mal durchlesen und nach fehlern gucken?wär echt super, wüsste nicht an wen ich mich sonst wenden sollte...


What was so wild about Buffalo Bill?
I have chosen this theme, because for me the “Wild West“ is one of the most interesting chapters in the US-American history. The hard life of the famous cowboys and their life in a open and free country, the frontier-movement and the “cattle towns” belonged to the “Wild West”. One of the most famous persons in this chapter was Buffalo Bill. There exist about hundred storys about his life in which he is showed as a wild cowboy and a hero.
In my GFS I will work out what really was so wild about this fascinating person and I will talk about his life and the legend about him.

1. The “Wild West” in general

The main time of the Wild West was from 1850 to 1885, only 35 years, even though, this time is famous until now all over the world. In that time the american colonists moved west, into unknown areas. This movement is called the frontier-movement. The colonists who lived in this new areas in the west had to survive with nearly nothing, so they began to breed cows or longhorns. There were no fences or other delimitations and most of the cows didn´t even have brandings. The big problem for the people breeding cows, called ranchers, was the big distance from their ranches to markets in the big cities in the west or at the east coast.
So the ranchers had young men, called cowboys, who rode on their horses and carried the cows from the willows to the railroads. After earning money with the animals, the cowboys went into “cattle towns” to have fun. These cattle towns lived from the money of the cowboys. There were lots of prostitutes, called “sporting women”, saloons and Dance Houses, in spite of the prohibition of prostitution, alcohol and games to win money. But in that time the police and the criminals often worked together and so anarchy and immorality was daily routine. The saloons were dirty and the smell of alcohol was everywhere. The people coming into cattle towns are called border characters, they were gamers, alcoholics, former soldiers, thieves or hunters.
The four most famous cattle towns were Wichita, Dodge City, Ellsworth and Caldwell.
1885 the wild ranchers were dispelled by the high number of farmers, who built fences and who fought against immorality and anarchy, so that the Wild West began to vanish.
But the myth about the Wild West, the cowboys with their typical boots with spores and their cowboy-hats and the cattle towns lives until today, for example in cigarette advertising or in the western movies.

2. William Frederick Cody

2.1 His life

William Frederick Cody “Buffalo Bill” was born near LeClaire in Iowa on february 26, 1846.
With the age of 12 years, after the death of his dad, he worked for a wagon train and one year later he participated in the gold rush to Colorado. But he couldn´t find much gold, so he stayed poor. Buffalo Bill had a lot of different jobs during his exciting life. When he was 15, he rode the first time for the famous Pony Express. From 1868 to1872 he worked for the US-Army as a scout, this is a man who leads the soldiers through unknown areas. As a soldier he fought against indians and in Civil War of the Northern states´side. By the time of the building of the railway, Cody provided the working men with meat from the buffalos which he had killed, so they gave him his name “Buffalo Bill”. 1972 he got the Medal of Honour because of his efforts in Civil War.
1866 Will Cody married Louisa Frederici in St. Louis, a town in Missouri. He had four children with his wife.
William Frederick Cody died on january 10, 1917 in Denver, Colorado. He was 71 years old.
In the whole, I think that it´s fact that Cody had a normal life, like a lot of other men at that time, too. He had a family and jobs, so he wasn´t at his own and could manage his life.
The only point which makes him so different to other people in the Wild West is his second career as a showman, which began 1869, as he was 23 years old.

2.1.1 His career

1869 the dime novel writer Edward Judson alias Ned Buntline from the “New York Weekly” searched an hero from the Wild West to write about, to increase the editions of the newpaper.
He found Buffalo Bill and for him he was the perfect man, because he knowed how to shoot and how to fight, but still was a normal man. In the same year he wrote his first fictional story about Cody, which was called “Buffalo Bill, the king of border men – the greatest romance of the age”.
1872 William Cody stood for the fist time on stage with the story called “Scouts of the plain”. His friend Jack Omohundro was with him as they played in Chicago. The play was full of shootings and roaring with only little dialogues, which was perfect for the two men.
The following season, Cody organzied his own troupe, the Buffalo Bill Combination with his friends Jack Omohundro, also called Texas Jack and “Wild Bill” Hickok.
1875 Buffalo Bill separated from Ned Buntline and began to work with the Beadles publishing house. With the show called “The red right hand of Buffalo Bill´s first sculp for Custer”, 1876, which was a renarration from the battle at the Little Big Horn, he became americas first superstar.

2.2 His Wild-West-Show

1883 Buffalo Bill created his famous Wild-West-Show, with very talented artists, which he had found in a rodeo. His first show had the name “Buffalo Bills Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World” and it became a big success. It was an outdoor spectacle, designed to both, educate and entertain. Cody used living animals like, for example, chicken, buffalo, elk, horses and other animals. He also used real indians from reservations and cow-boys and cow-girls in his shows, which he had recruited from ranches. At that time a lot of people used the term “cow-boy” as an insult, but by the end of the 19th century the “cow-boy” became the much more popular “cowboy”, thanks in large part to the Buffalo Bill´s Wild-West-Shows!
Cody treated all of his artists with respect and gave the indians an opportunity to leave their reservations and to represent their culture to the world when many were trying to destroy it.
One of the most famous guests in his shows was Sitting Bull, a chieftain.
Buffalo Bill also went to Europe with his great show and for example also entertained the Queen of England, at her birthday. He toured with his show the european continent and also the rest of the world. After 30 years the success tailed off and Cody stopped touring around.
The poor man had become a rich and famous businessman – one of the first businessmen at all. In europe , Cody was called “Nature´s Nobleman” because he was someone who had grown up on the frontier yet represented all of those best aspects of civilization.
With his money he invested in a lot of different projects, like in mines, hotels, film making, town building, tourism and publishing. 1896 he also founded a town called “Cody”, in Wyoming, which still exists today.
1889 he went with his show to Karlsruhe in Germany and because of that, there exist until today two fountains, which show the heads of indians.

2.2.1 The Wild-West-Show today

The Wild-West-Show today is mostly the same like the show was, which Cody had created. There are living horses, buffalo, chicken and other animals. Only the cowboys and indians, of course, are not real, but they still play stories from the Wild West, to entertain people and to give them an idea of what the Wild West was like, of course a little bit exaggerated. The cowboys rescue young, beautiful ladys and ride with the flag of USA through the arena. Western music, western dances and, of course, Buffalo Bill, makes the audience feel like living in the Wild West.

3. Summary

All in all Buffalo Bill was not wild in terms of, that he was a wild cowboy. He was a poor guy, but he had the chance to change his life totally and he did so. I think Buffalo Bill was wild in terms of that he was one of the firsts men, who became a businessman. He was brave and also had a lot of luck, in my opinion was this the wild thing about him.
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Antwort von GAST | 11.01.2007 - 08:29
bin selber nicht so gut aber ein paar Sachen:

wird wenn du an ein word ein s hängst nicht aus dem y ein ei z.

story -> stories
lady -> ladies

und schreibt man Monatesnamen nicht grundsätzlich groß

(keine ahnung ob dir das was hilft)

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ja stimmt ich glaube shcon......danke
des werd ich ändern

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was stimmt, das Großschreiben oder y zu ie?

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Antwort von Yorgi | 11.01.2007 - 10:49
Würde sagen letzteres.

Antwort von GAST | 11.01.2007 - 11:54
"I have chosen this topic" und nicht theme
"There are about hundred stories" nicht there exist

Part 1:
"These cattle towns needed the money from" the cowboys to survive"
"The myth about the wild west...exists until today"

Der Rest hört sich echt gut an=)

Antwort von GAST | 11.01.2007 - 12:29
du musst auch mit zeitsprüngen aufpassen,
z.b. bei introduction
"One of the most famous persons in this chapter was Buffalo Bill" , da müsstest du dann auch schreiben "is Buffalo Bill"

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vielen dank, ihr habt mir echt geholfen :-)

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Mal etwas GANZ grundlegendes und eigentlich etwas, das man in der 5. Klasse lernt: Bei dritter Person Singular bekommen die Verben in der Regel IMMER ein s am Ende! Das ist mir beim Überfliegen soooo oft aufgefallen... Das solltest du dringend nachbessern.
Auch ansonsten würde ich große Teile des Textes nochmal neuformulieren, da das Englisch nicht gerade das Beste ist.
Habe leider in ein paar Minuten Training und kann dir daher nicht genauer helfen.

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