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Passiv ( Simple Present, Past, Present Perfect)

Frage: Passiv ( Simple Present, Past, Present Perfect)
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Hallo Leute , könnte mir eventuell jmd.sagen, was ich noch verbessern könnte? Danke im Voraus.😊

Übung Passiv (Past, Present, Present Perfect)
A 15-year-old student from Germany hasn‘t been seen (not see) since Thursday morning.
His mobile phone was found (find) near an outback trail in Purnululu National Park on Friday morning. Police think that he may have left the trail and then got lost. His parents are informed (inform). A search for him is called off / has been called off (call off) at sunset this evening, but there is still hope. Many foreign tourists are attracted (attract) by bushwalking, and not all of them understand the risks. Last month, Jessica Harris, an 18-year-old tourist from Ireland, has been found (find) after she`d spent nine days lost in the outback. A spokesperson for the Australian Bushwalking Association warned: "Don`t leave the trails unless you were given (give) some bushwalking and survival training before your trip."

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Frage von Meghan | am 16.06.2021 - 18:00

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