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Frage: E-Mail: Bitte Text korrigieren
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Folgende frage musste ich beantworten. Könnte jemand über meien Grammatik schauen?

Are e-mails a good way to communicate? Why / why not? Write 100–120 words.

For my opinion, E-Mails are a very good way to communicate. I work at a marketing agency and often it´s better to communicate over e-mail because everybody have a briefing and know, what they have to do. unfortunately I work the whole day. Its difficult to make contracts with insurance for example. So they can send me the documents, I do my signatur and send it back. Its easy. Today everybody have a mailadress so it is quit easy to get in contact with someone or send datas to someo-ne. Well yes in some situations i like to phone the other person because it is more simple to talk about the matter things on the phone instead of to explain it in a lot of mails.
Frage von miela | am 02.04.2019 - 11:26

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Antwort von Pferd1 | 04.04.2019 - 14:05
In my opinion it`s often better

Das ich, also I wird immer großgeschrieben. :)

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