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Interview: bitte Korrektur lesen

Frage: Interview: bitte Korrektur lesen
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Kann jmd mir bei meinem Interview helfen. A: Good morning ms .... i am ms .... the leader of the company.

B: Good morning ms ....... Thank you for your time and for inviting me an interview

A: nice to meet you ms ... .pleas take a seat . Do you know that our company all around the world and i saw in your CV that you are very interested in our company so What experience di you have in the optics.

B: that true, i have experience to Work with people and childern,also i am very hand - clevres
I hear abaut that you company is very distributed. I hope it’s to my advantage work with glass
A: yes of course it’s very important for our company and it’s one of the important skills for us . Has you worked in this area before.
B: yes , i make for one month an internship in one of your store in ,,,,
A: and haw was it for you and has fun in your internship?
b: yes of Cours it was very interstand and i learnd alot of the work ..... it is very interested story how i came about this job
I was in ,,, for a few days with my parens. There i saw an information in one of your stories about training in these job. I was very interested and aften ther . I took a look into the ... work for tow weeks in one of your shops in ... . Afterthat i would like to protist this job
A:it is very interesting story (was kann ich noch da zu schreiben)

Which language di you speak?
B: i speak ......need i a special graduation for this job ?
A: no you don’t need a special graduau for this job so di you have any questions about the job ?
B: yes i have a one question, do you know many i earn in the month
A: in the first year you earn .. in the sekand year ..... and in the Last year....
A: okay thank you , i have one question,when i bekame a feedback from you ?
A: i don’t know exactly bit you get to know, so do you have more questions?
B: yes , how long i have to work a dan in your company?
A: form ....... to ... do have also one hour break more question?
B: no i do not have any questions
A: thank you for your time and you hear from me in the following days
Have a good time and goodbye
B : you welcome , goodbye
Soll ich noch etwas dazu schreiben?
Frage von lolo158 | am 25.03.2019 - 20:43

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