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English Sätze: Wörter in die richtige Form einsetzen

Frage: English Sätze: Wörter in die richtige Form einsetzen
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ich bräuchte bitte eine Korrektur von diesen 30 unterstrichenen Wörter.
Die Wörter in den klammern sind die original Wörter.

1. The performance of this folk song was an absolutely delight. (perform)
2. There are so many different ways of learning new vocabulary. (differ)
3. I have just spent a very frustrating hour trying to get my boss on the phone. (frustrate)
4. Billy was completely confused when he couldn’t find his tickets anywhere. (confuse)
5. There is so much loneliness in our big cities - why not speak to your neighbours a little
more? (lonely)
6. I am amazed you could finish the homework so quickly; I found it very hard. (amaze)
7. Catherine has such an explodsive temperament. (explode)
8. Industrial societies are more advanced than those based on agriculture. (industry)
9. This is such a comfortable chair. (comfort)
10. You look exhausted. (exhaustion)
11. When Martin woke up he was still feeling very sleepy. (sleep)
12. At Christmas time she always has strong religious feelings. (religion)
13. A choosing will have to be made as soon as possible. (choose)
14. Your progress has been most encouraging. I hope your English will continue to improve.
15. When we arrived at the hotel, we immediately went to the reception to collect our keys.
16. This painting is the most valuable thing I own. (value)
17. I have left the organisation of tomorrow’s conference to Ruth. (organise)
18. Before they left the hotel they had a number of complaints to make. (complain)
19. It was a very emotional occasion for everybody. (emotion)
20. I admire people who are prepared to stand up for their belief. (believe)
21. This is a typical English public school. (type)
22. Gary is determined to get a better job soon. (determine) 23. Yvonne is hopeful that her father will make a complete recovery from his operation. (hope)
24. As soon as we can afford it, I think we should get some furniture for the living-room.
25. The Americans, British, French and Russians occupied Germany at the end of the Second
World War. (occupy)
26. The original inhabitant of Australia are called aborigines. (inhabit)
27. In order to emphasize the points he was making, the speaker would suddenly speak more
quietly. (emphasis)
28. Many people are worried about the increase in violence in our big cities. (violent)
29. There were lots of flashing lights in the control room. (flash)
30. When the policeman stopped the man for breaking the speed limit, he said he could give
an explanation. (explain)

Würde mich freuen, wenn es jemand korrigieren könnte. 

Lg, Luxichan
Frage von Luxichan | am 08.04.2015 - 11:30

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Antwort von Zal | 08.04.2015 - 12:14
13.) Wenn du diesen Satz ins Deutsche übersetzt, so sagt es aus, dass eine "Auswahl" getroffen werden muss.
"Choosing" kann eventuell auch Auswahl heißen (feminin?) aber benutze lieber "choice".

A choice will have to be made.

26.) The original inhabitans..

Rest sieht soweit gut aus.

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Antwort von Luxichan | 09.04.2015 - 20:15
Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe.

lg, Luxichan

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Antwort von Zal | 09.04.2015 - 22:23

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Antwort von Ratgeber | 10.04.2015 - 23:41
7. Catherine has such an  explodsive  temperament. (explode)
 Wahrscheinlich nur ein Tippferhler; es heißt explosive

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Antwort von Luxichan | 11.04.2015 - 10:51
Oh ja ein Tippfehler. ^^` Danke dir. 
Lg, Luxichan

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