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Hallo kann mal einer gucken, ob das so ungefähr richtig ist wäre nett.:

When I was a little I have a lot of childhood dreams.
But my biggest wish was to be a rock-star and travel around the world. but when I grow up I have to see how strong it is to realized . So I didn`t know what I want to do. A few years later I have a work experience in the kindergarten. I learned how it is to work and what you can tech children. It was a hard work but I liked it . so I want ed to be a social worker and help children to do the right things..after on year I learned to play guitar by myself . Then I know I want to do something with music. But what? After I reading in a magazine I know I want to be a guitar builder . The question was , I`m good enough. I know many things about a guitar I listen to music i´m creative and I can work on every situation. But I than I become doubts. i`m very lazy and if I don´t have desire to do something I didn´t something. So I talked to my parents . They think it is the perfect job for me, because it is a job which can be very interested make fun. The best on this job is to see the result if you have build a guitar because its a long time to build there. But the disadvantage was if you do only one fault you can throw the guitar away. All in all I think it is a good job for em because I like music and love guitars

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