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The war between the classes

Frage: The war between the classes
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Hey,wir analysieren zur Zeit im Unterricht Beziehungen der einzelnen Charaktäre im Buch.Ich hoffe hier ist jemand der noch ein wenig Hintergrund wissen zu dem Buch hat ;-)
Die Beziehung von Amy und Mrs Tarcher/Bettina ist im Moment Thema kurz damit jeder Bescheid weiß:

Adam is Amy’s boyfriend.
Because of this close relationship to the narrator of the story we can say that he is the second main character in the story. Adam is a white American upper-class WASP. The he must be wealthy can be proven with following. So he is living in a very big house on "Valley Vista" (p.9, l.5) which is described by Amy as looking like a "castle" (p.9, l.8) with "fourteen or more rooms" (p.9, l.6). Moreover he has got his own and expensive car, an "BMW" (p.52, l.4). He is also one of the best looking boys in class so he is e.g. one of the last two No-Teks in the beauty-contest and is e.g. compared with a statue of a "young Greek" (p.8, l.13). Moreover he has "golden" meaning blonde "hair" (p.8, l.14/15) so that he is a strong and attractive boy.
He has got a sister called Bettina who is a few years younger than him and who is tutored in mathematics by Amy. Moreover we got to know a little about his mother but nothing about his father. All in this family – maybe except Adam – have prejudice against non-white persons. So she is of the opinion that Amy is not good enough for Adam and wants to replace her with Eileen – an also rich white girl form the circle of friends of the family. Moreover she e.g. thinks "that Orientals have special attitudes for math and science" (p.49, l.7 f.) how Bettina informs Amy when she is tutored by her. That shows indicates that she is also prejudiced. Moreover she plays a shabby trick on Adam and Amy when phoning Amy and telling her that Adam is going to have a party with some friends just as Eileen. But also because of his prejudices and the conflicts with his parents he is not willed to leave Amy just because other does not accept her.

und nun die Frage:In how far does the different social background influences the relationship?
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