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dear nobody

Frage: dear nobody
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ich lese gerade das buch dera nobody von berlie doherty

hat vlt iwer das schon ma gemacht und hat die materialien noch dafür?

wär echt nlieb

GAST stellte diese Frage am 10.04.2008 - 20:02

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Antwort von tatlichicken | 10.04.2008 - 20:36
Wir haben in IT... sowas gemacht über des Buch glaub ich! Also ich weiß net ob du des meinst aber des müsste des sein!

Plot: The book ′ Dear Nobody ′ is about teenage pregnancy. It shows the problems young people have to face in case of a pregnancy like non-acceptance of the society and problems with their parents,
who often blame their kids, and can′t accept the new situation. The book is also about the problems of growing up, about kids, who have to make future plans and decide what they want to do with their life. And it is about the relation between kids and their parents.

Background: The story takes place in Sheffield, in Great Britain. You can′t really guess the time in which the story is set, but I think it takes place in the late 20th century. The people, who occur in the book are members of the middle class. The main characters are teenagers at the age of 18.

Helen is a 17 year old girl whose world is turned upside down when she becomes pregnant.
Chris is Helen`s cheerful boyfriend who becomes distraught when he realises Helen is pregnant.
MRS. GARTON (Helens mother):She is very conservative She isn′t really happy about the relationship between Helen and Chris.
MR. GARTON: He works in a library but he has always wanted to become a musician. He has never had the chance to visit a Music college.
MR MARSHALL(Chris′ father):He loves his two children very much and he tries to help them wherever he can. He couldn′t forgive his wife that she has left the family.
JOAN(Chris′ mom):She was very young when she married Chris′ dad. She was searching more for a Father than for a husband. She feels guilty for having left the family. She is very happy to get to know her son.

Helen becomes pregnant with her boyfriend`s baby and as she is so young and distraught she does not know whom to turn to. She knows that her mother`s reaction will be awful so she cannot confide in her. Her world had been turned upside down, she had planned to go to university but with a baby this will be very difficult. She becomes very depressed and so tries to end the pregnancy with a horse riding accident, however when this fails she turns to her baby, her "Nobody", and writes a series of letters that explain her feelings to it. Eventually she decides against having an abortion but still does not know what to do in the future.

The book is clearly for over 16s as it touches on several adult themes such as abortion and teenage pregnancies. Although Helen eventually decides against the abortion there are still several characters in the book, including her mother, who consider this a strong option. It is also worth noting that Chris` mother and father are separated and at the end of the book they consider a divorce worth celebrating so that his mother can get married to her long term boyfriend who she has been living with. Although Helen does try and get rid of her unborn baby in the horse riding accident it is clear that she considers this a mistake later on in the book.

Wenn es des falsche is sry... aber so müssten wir des abtippen... hab leider nur mein Arbeitsblatt daneben liegen! Mehr weiß ich net drüber... soweit i weiß warn des Stichpunkte eines Referats von einer aus der 9ten aber kA

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