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Doherty, Berlie: Dear Nobody (Tabellarische Zusammenfassung)

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Doherty Berlie, Dear Nobody

Ausführliche tabellarische Zusammenfassung der Handlungen sowie der Stimmung und Gefühle von Chris und Helen von Januar bis September auf Englisch.

Helen and Chris made love in the afternoon.

Helen’s dad is sour because she
Forgets to send a letter to the university.
Chris is by Helen and gets the argument between Helen and her dad.

Chris ask his father about his mother. ‘What happened to you and Mum?’ (p.17/l.3)

Chris write a song for Helen. Through Helen he would see his mother. He only thinks about Helen.

He thinks about his mother.

He writes a letter to his Mum.

He gets the response from his mother.

Both make a night trip to the moors.

She reads the letter from Chris Mum.
Chris shows Helen the letter.

Chris is sour because he doesn’t like, how Helen speaks about his Mum.

Especially, Chris is sour, that Helen tell Ruthlyn all, even that they had sex.

Mrs Garton says, that she doesn’t like him and that Helen is busy with school. They have to separate.

He don’t see her because she doesn’t come to the meetings. Ruthlyn says to him, that she is ill.

Helen writes the first letter to the baby because she believes she is pregnant.

Helen says Chris , that she is pregnant.

Chris goes climbing with Tom.

Second letter: She visits her grandparents and after that she goes to the Family Planning Clinic.

Chris writes a second letter to his Mum. He tells her, that he was climbing and he would like to visit her.

Third letter: She does a pregnancy test, which is negative .

Fourth letter: She goes happy to work. She visits Chris, but only the father was at home. She potters with him till she goes off.
He gets to know, that Helen was there.

Fifth letter: She does another pregnancy test, which is positive. She would like to tell it her Mum, but she can’t. She tells Chris about the pregnancy tests.

Sixth letter: She would like to lose the baby when she have an accident with a horse. It won’t work.

Chris meet Helen on the ride-farm from aunt Jill. She knows, that Helen is pregnant. Both talk to each other.
Seventh letter: She tells her mother , that she is pregnant. She and her mother go to a gynaecologist and the mother fixes a date for the abortion.

Mrs Garton forbids Chris the house and to see Helen.

He tries to write a letter for Helen, but he can’t. He drives to Helen’s house by bike. He watches at her window. After that he makes a bicycle- tour through Sheffield.

Eighth letter: Helen is in the hospital with her Mum for the abortion. Shortly before the operation the leaves the clinic alone and drive to her father in the library and tells him all. After that she waits in front of Chris school to tell him all.

Both thinks about the future.

Ninth letter: He father talks with her about the pregnancy and her future. He says ’she throw her life away’. (p.74/l.32)


Helen’s parent visit Chris father to talks with him about the future of the both children. They would like that Chris marries Helen. Chris isn’t at home. Later the father talk with Chris about the happenings.

Tenth letter: Helen says her parents that she makes a school trip, but in reality she drives with Chris to his Mum.
He drives with Helen to his Mum.

He talks with his Mum, when Helen is in the garden.

Chris prepares for the exams and then he writes the exams. He only thinks about Helen during the exams.

Eleventh letter: Three things happen: 1.The baby moves in her stomach. 2..Her father talks with her about her future. 3. She would like to finish the relationship with Chris.

Twelfth letter: Ruthlyn knows that she is pregnant. She goes to her grandparents and tells them, that she is pregnant.
He wouldn’t touch her stomach to feel the baby.

Both go with friends to a pub ,where play a Zambian band. It is the last night with Helen. Chris only watches her on the dance floor.

Thirteenth letter: She feel awful about, that all have seen her round stomach. Tom, too. She finished the relationship with Chris.
Helen leaves him.

He goes with Tom to France by bike for two weeks.

Fourteenth letter: She misses Chris and watches photos. Her mother isn’t please to see that.

Chris and Tom leave for France on the 11th July. by bike. He thinks about Helen in his tent at night. He gets to know Bryn.

Helen thinks about the delivery.

Fifteenth letter: She visits her grandparents. She would like to know more about her mother and her father . She would like to know the background from the sentence ,which Nan says: ‘Like mother, like daughter’.(p.94/l.32).She talks with her granddad about the pregnancy.

Sixteenth letter: She gets to know that her mother is illegitimate. She doesn’t want, that her baby go through the same like her mother.

Seventeenth letter: She goes shopping with her Mum. She gets to know that Chris is in France through Jill.

Eighteenth letter: She visits regular her gynaecologist
She goes with Ruthlyn to the relaxation class.

Chris gets his results from the exams. He can study.

Nineteenth letter: She hates him because she sees him with Bryn, who visits Chris.

Twentieth letter: She says, that she can hardly walk and she feels fat like a caterpillar.

Helen gets a letter from Chris Mum. She would like to give her money every month for the baby.

Chris mother is at his home with Don to celebrate the divorce.

He gets a letter from Bryn and he writes back , that he wouldn’t see her.

Twentieth-one letter: She prepare her room for the baby and the layette were set up. She gets the first pains and drive with her parents to the hospital. She gives all letter to her brother and he brings all to Chris.

Chris gets all letters and read them and following he goes by bike to the hospital.

Twentieth-two letter: Her whole family is together. Her mother get on well with her mother. Everybody loves the little Amy. She hopes Chris is happy.

moods & feelings
The mood of both is happy and both feel love and confidence.

She is very sad, that she forgets it. The mood in her family is tense because they don’t like Chris. The feelings of Helen are spit. She must be there for Chris, but she have to follow her familiar duties.
He thinks he is the new reliable person for her instead for her father. He feels confident for her.

Chris mood is very serene, but a little bit timid at the discussion. He feels a little bit fear because he doesn’t know, how his father reacts.

He is happy and in love. It is a deep attachment between Helen and him after the afternoon.

He is curious because he tries to fancy his mother. He feels confused.

He longs for love and safety. He is very courageous to write a letter to his Mum after years.

He is very sad because she doesn’t ask, what he do and so on. He feels lonely and depressed.

She is sour because she freezes. She feels cramped.
He is happy because he is alone with her, but he has fear to show Helen the letter.

Helen says, that she isn’t a good mother and very formal. Helen is very honest and says Chris the truth, what she thinks about his Mum.
He share all things with Helen and they solve problems together. He feels safe and secure.

He feels angry and upset because he has a row with Helen about the letter. He doesn’t like such a mood because he loves Helen so much.

He is a little bit jealous and inhibited. He feels hurt and omit.

He feels sad and frustrated. He loves Helen and he tries all to avoid the separation.

He is worried about Helen. Besides, he feels confused and disappointed because she disturbs him.

She solve her problems with the pregnancy with the letters to the unborn baby. She feels alone and misunderstood because she can’t speak with anybody about the pregnancy.

She feels relieved. The mood between both is serene and a little bit surprised.
He is shocked, surprised, disbelieved and overwhelm-ing. He would show responsibility towards the baby.

He would like to divert his worries. It is the time where he forget Helen for a moment

She feels frustrated because she copes alone with her pregnancy. She is furious about the baby because she doesn’t want it. He grandparents help her to divert the pregnancy.

He would like to share his new experiences with somebody. He is curious to see her.

She feels happy and relieved. The mood is overwhelming.

She would like to see Chris to share the good news with him.
He is worried about Helen. He would like to see her.

She feels ‘free’. She confide in Chris.
He thinks about the future. He thinks he can’t study at Newcastle. He is afraid of the obstruction of his later life.

The pregnancy and the introduction to become a mother is too much for her. She is helpless and have to study on the Royal Northern College of Music at all costs.

She says, that she feels sorry for that and that she doesn’t want the baby.
Chris is more worried about Helen as about the baby. He feels shocked and unhappy. He is frustrated and so both want an abortion.
She is relieved. That was the most onerous step in her
life to tells her mother about her pregnancy. She isn’t ready for a baby. The feels intimidated because it is a heavy decision for her to give her ‘yes’ for the termination.

Mrs Garton offends Chris. He is all mixed up. He is in a bad mood, but he tries all to see Helen again.

He is quite beside himself. He drives without a destination through Sheffield. Through the bike he can reduce his fury against Mrs Garton. He feels free on the bike.

She rescues her baby in the last minute. She has a attachment to her baby. She feels responsible for the unborn baby. She would share her new experiences from that day with Chris. She would confide in Chris.

Both are optimistic ,even though both doesn’t want the baby really.

She knows what she want and she want the baby. The baby is more important for her as the professional future.


Chris feels ignored and he is scared because he is afraid of the responsibility. He feels cramped of the parents from Helen.

The trip to Chris Mum take Helen’s mind off her worries. She forgets the pregnancy for a moment. She would like get to know the grandmother of her baby.

He feels more free, when Helen isn’t in the room. He has some secrets against Helen. He feels more secure at his Mum.

He loves her so much. He would like to be a good father, although he doesn’t like the baby.

She makes very hard decisions. She loves Chris, but she wants , that he can study and don’t obstruct his life. She feels responsible for the baby and Chris. After the moving from her baby , she gets the maternal instinct.

She feels free because her whole family knows, that she is pregnant.
He is afraid of the baby. He hasn’t got a bond to the baby. He becomes a father, this is more than he could handle.

She feels awful about, that all know, that she is pregnant. Nevertheless, she is proud to become a mother in a young age.
He watches her because he loves her . He loves only her , he doesn’t love the baby. This is a reason, why the relationship has no future.

The separation is a next heavy step for her. She loves him, but she wouldn’t be in Chris’s way.
It is the most heavy disappointment in his life. She leaves Chris standing there. He is frustrated and sad. She hurts Chris’s feelings. He’s a nervous wreck.

He searches freedom and he needs loneliness. His mood is better because he follows an other way than Helen. He is a little bit happy because he doesn’t think about the baby.

She feels lonely and no one loves her. She tries to relieve the relationship with Chris again. By it, her mood get better and she feels better.

He doesn’t forget Helen for a moment. He thinks every girl looks like Helen. Bryn is a deviation for him.

She is afraid for the delivery because she doesn’t know how is it. And nobody hold her hand in the delivery room.
Her mood excited.

She searches safety and security. .She is interested in the story of her parents. She thinks her mother is so unfriendly because she gets her in a very young age.
She feels understand from her grandparents.

She feels sad because she gets to know how hard it is, when you are illegitimate. She is worried about her baby. Her mood is depressed.

She is glad and proud because her mother take care of Helen and her pregnancy. When she gets to know, that Chris is in France , she is absolutely shattered .She hates him because he shirks before the responsibility.

She trust Ruthlyn more than Chris. She feels happy because she is looking forward to the baby.

He feels relieved. She is speechless.

She is jealous , because she is alone and he has got a new girlfriend now.

She gets hallucinations. It is normal for the ninth month to put on weight. She is timid.

She is shocked and disappointed from Chris’s Mum .She would solve the problems from Chris with money. She doesn’t like her through this letter.

Chris isn’t very happy about the presence of his mother. He only likes her when she isn’t at his home. His feelings are confuse.

He only loves Helen and she isn’t a substitute for her. He feels responsible against Helen.

She feels responsible, that Chris receive all information about their baby .She feels happy because the baby come. She is in a great mood in spite of her heavy pains.

He find out , that he isn’t ready for the baby and feels weak. He is very honest against Helen. He isn’t ready for himself. He feels happy because he has no responsibility against the baby.

She has completed with Chris. Her life have to go on. When Amy is a little bit older, she would study music.. She is very purposeful and feels happy now.

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