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Referat: Future Vision - Modern Medicine

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Modern medicine by Wiebke & Kathrin

Kathrin starts with the historical background information of medicine.
She will tell us, that in the antiquity the people give the responsibility for medicine to very religious people. Afterwards people began to believe in the so called “rational medicine”.
In the Middle Ages people tried to cure with medicinal herbs, while in the early modern times they conecentrated on rediscoveries of anatomy.
The 19th century brought the basics of the todays modern medicine.

After this historical background we both will explain the todays abilities of curing and examination. This inculdes a short discription of the following medical technologys:
- The computed tomography is a medical imagine method, which generates a three-dimensional
image of the internals of an object.
- The magnetic resonance imaging, is nearly the same as the computed tomography, but without

using X-ray
- The radiotherapy is a therapy against cancer. It's using X-ray, which should kill the cancer cells.
- The modern surgery enables patients to be cured of physical traumas, anatomic abnormalities,
disorders of function, inflammation, infarction, tumors and some other, too specific diseases.
- Radiography, is important for examinate the inside of a body. The negative aspect is the use of
X-ray and just a two-dimensional image.
- Medical ultrasonography is a technique to visualize muscles and internal organs.
- Modern anesthesia is necessary to carry out surgeries and other procedures. The patients undergo
the pain and disstress with a narcosis.
After that we will pick out one disease namely cancer.
Kathrin will present the previous methods of examination of cancer. One is the examination with a
screening. The screening is an array of different testing procedures, among others: Blood samples.
Another one is the gentic examination, which is used very rare, because of the needless costs.
You can have a cheaper examination with a computed tomography or a magnetic
resonance imaging, which we already explained.
The second last point of our presentation is the therapy of cancer. Wiebke will explain the class, of
which possibilities the modern medicine desposes.
There is the possibility of surgery, where the doctors extirpate the of cancer affected tissue.
Another one is the chemotherapy. In this case the patient gets a substance to treat the disease.
Furthermore the radiation therapy is important to be mentioned. A radiation therapy should kill the
cancer cells with X-ray. Some of not that curative therapys are the immunotherapy and the hormonal
suppression. The first one should develop the immune system to the maximum, so that it can
counteract to the cancer. The second one reaches for minimizing the cancer by blocking or providing
certain hormones.
At the end of our presentation Wiebke will report about a current example case of medical progress.
Doctors of the University Eppendorf found a gene, which is responsible for breast cancer.
This is very important for the therapies of this form of cancer. There's a specific chemical substance
for curing breast cancer. With this substance the patients need either just a mild or no chemotherapy.
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MODERN MEDICINE by Kathrin & Wiebke
Methods of medical examination and therapy
Computed tomography: Medical imagine method; generates a three-dimensional image of the internals of an object
Magnetic resonance imaging: Nearly the same medical imagine method, but without using X-rays
Radiotherapy: Using radiation for curing some forms of cancer
Modern surgery: Diseases, which can be cured with modern surgery: physical trauma, anatomic abnormalities,
disorders of function, inflammation, infarction, tumors and some other, too specific diseases
Radiography: Is the use of certain types of electromagnetic radiation to view a two-dimensional image of the the inside of the body. Just possible with X-ray.
Medical ultrasonography: Is an ultrasound-based diagnostic imagine
(sonography) used to visualize muscles and internal organs (examination of tissue)
Modern anesthesia: The condition of having the perception of pain an othersenstations blocked; allows patients to undergo surgery and other procedures without disstress and pain. The latest possibility of narcosis includes the protection of the airways and a black mind procedure.
Medical research for cancer

Previous methods of examination of cancer:
- Screening: An array of different testing procedure, for example with a blood sample and so on
- Genetic examination: A technique, which is used very rare, because of
the needless bigger costs than with a “normal”

examination, like:
- Computed tomography: A quicker and cheaper check-up for cancer
( or magnetic resonance imaging)
Therapy of cancer

Previous most frequent used therapy methods of cancer:
- Surgery: The doctors extirpate the bad tissue
- Chemotherapy: The use of chemical substances to treat the disease
- Immunotherapy: A method to develop the immune system to the maximum, so that it can counteract to the cancer
- Radiation therapy: A method to kill cancer cells with X-rays
- Hormonal suppression: The growth of some cancers can be inhibited by providing or blocking certain hormones
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Vocabulary of modern medicne
rational medicine the end of believing just in religious curing; explorate the human body
medicinal herbs plants, which have a curing effect
rediscoveries new detections; finding out new things
examination the doctor is doing it, to diagnose
surgery Chrirurgie / Operation
disorder when something doesn't work,
as it should be
inflammation Entzündung
to carry out to do sth. (that was planned)
array Abfolge, Reihe
extirpate to eliminate
suppression Ausschaltung / Deaktivierung
prostate gland cancer Prostatakrebs
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Ein Referat zum Thema Entwicklung und Fortschritt der Medizin auf Englisch.

Referat beinhaltet eine Zusammenfassung der Strukturierung, sowie Ablauf der Präsentation und eine Übersicht (Handout)der inhaltlichen Aspekte . Außerdem habe ich eine Vokabelliste (; teils deutsche Direktübersetzung, teils Umschreibung auf Englisch) hinzugefügt, welche das medizinische Fachvokabular zum Referat beinhaltet.
Das Referat dauert etwa 15 Minuten. Grafiken fehlen. (896 Wörter)
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