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Referat: Life and Death in "Moon Palace"

Alles zu Paul Auster  - Moon Palace

Life and Death

Moon Palace
Death of Marcos mother; p. 9, l. 48-50. Emily is killed in a traffic accident.
Death of Uncle Victor; p. 25, l. 44-51. He dies because of a heart attack.
A statement of Marco during his period in the park: p. 73, l. 60-63
The cave in Central Park: p. 75, l. 46. Marco suffering from fever and shivering fit drags himself into the cave.
=> cave => origins of manhood, birth, renaissance.
Death of Byrne: p. 162, l. 23. Effings companion Byrne dies three days after his accident. Effing buries his friend in the desert.
Effing stranded in the desert on his own; p. 165, l. 52. Effing thinks that his life is over. His identity (Julian Barber) is exterminated.
The cave in the desert: p. 166, l. 29/30. Effing discovers a cave and a dead man and adopts a new identity.
Death of Thomas Effing: p. 219, l. 54. Effing dies after a long period of pneumonia on the predicted day.
Kitty and Marco talking about her pregnancy: p. 276, l. 19/20
Sol and Marco on the cemetery: p. 288, l. 37. Barber falls into a grave. He is rescued and brought into a hospital.
Barber knows that he is going to die: p. 293, l. 45. He dies on September fourth. Marcos statement while arranging Sols burial: p. 296, l. 28.
In the book “Moon Palace”, there is much speaking about death.
In the beginning, in Chapter 1, Marco’s mother died. She was killed in an accident, but the details of this happening were left unclear.
In Chapter two the author talks about the death of uncle Victor. He died of natural causes, by an heart-attack.
In Chapter four Effing told Marco his story in which the death plays a kind of a “leading role”: first there is the death of Effings companion Edward Byrne, which happens by an accident.
Then Effing himself who was nearly before dead, when he walked trough the desert.
Then the dead man in the cave, whom identity Effing adopted.
After this, the killing of the Gresham Brothers.
Außerdem people thought, that Effing was dead.
In Chapter five Marco became very sick, he was nearly before dead.
In the end of Chapter five, Effing died, of natural causes, but this causes were ausgelöst by himself.
In Chapter six, Barber, Effings son and Marcos father, died, after falling down in a grave.
It was an accident.
So, in the end we see, that the death plays a big part in each of the six chapters.
Its außerdem wichtig, how people died, the different causes.
But there were only two different causes: the natural and the accident.
Marcos mother and father died in an accident. His mother in an car-accident and his father was falling down a grave, but at least he died of cause of an infect, when he was in the hospital. The accident was just the Auslöser.
Marcos uncle and Effing, his grandfather, died of natural causes.
His uncle by pneumonia and Effing by a heart-attack.
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