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Moon Palace "2nd Volume Outline"

Alles zu Paul Auster  - Moon Palace…I stood there the whole night, looked at the moon, until I fell asleep.
The next day I woke up it was very hot. The sun was on top of the sky and burned down on my head. I felt a little bit confused because of the night before, but after a few minutes I decided to go.
I did not know where I should go, but I knew that I have to go. To start up a new life.
I went back to the city and walked down the road. I stopped a blue pick-up and asked the driver, whether he could take me along. He did.
He let me get off on the next highway restaurant.
There I was, standing in this restaurant, thinking what I will do next. I bought myself some supplies, for the next few days. Then I went outside, across the parking lot and discovered a few trucks.
Most of the drivers were asleep, but I found one, who just wanted to start.
I knock on his pane. As he looked at me I asked him, where he was driving at. Europe, he said. That’s good, I answered. So, I sat down in his truck, to drive with him together to Europe.
His name was Billy, but it was not his real name. That’s just my trucker-name, he said. My name is, I began, but I stopped. Yes, what was my name? I have begun a new life, I needed a new name. I looked at the cookies, which I was holding in my hands. They were fabricated in Italy. The name of the company was Bellaggio. My name is Antonio, I said, Antonio Bellaggio. But you can call me Tony as well, I said. So, you want to go to Italy? Billy grinned. I hesitated at first, but then I smiled back and said yes.
It will be a long journey, he said, I have to accompany the cargo until north England, so, we will take the ship; in Northampton our ways will separate, but I
know a lot of other truckers; there sure will be one who can give you a lift until Italy!
All in all, we were thirty-two days on the way until we reached Northampton.
There, Billy met a friend on the highway, who was driving to Turkey and who could take me along.
After another week I was in Italy.
There I was, in the middle of Rome. It was late in the afternoon and as I turned my head to heaven, I saw the moon. It was a full moon again and I knew, that this was a “turning point” in my life. I was not M.S. Fogg anymore. From now on I was Antonio Bellaggio.
I looked up to the moon, and it seemed as if he looked down to me, and I said goodbye.
And now I was free.
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