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The members of Queen were Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Frederic Bulsara.
Brian May was born on 19th July 1947 in Hampton in the UK. He played the guitar and he designed his own guitar when he was young and the sound of this guitar is a typical element for the music of Queen.
Roger Taylor was born on 26th July 1949 in Norfolk in the UK. He was Queens drummer and he palyed also many other instruments. He sang with Freddie, too.
John Deacon was born on 19th August 1951 in Leicester in the UK. He was the youngest member and he showed an impeccable and quiet behavior in their music videos that always stands in contrast to Freddie.
Frederic Bulsara was born in Zanzibar on 5th September 1946. He changed his name in Freddie Mercury. Mercury comes from "mercurial" and means "impulsive". As Queens vocalist, he was a wonderful singer in the history of pop music and he also played the piano. He died in London on 24th November 1991 because of an AIDS disease.
In the end of the 60s, Brian May and Roger Taylor played in a band called Smile. With Freddie Mercury and John Deacon they changed the name of the band into Queen. This name had a meaning in the homosexual scene. They searched a time for their own music style and with the hit "killer queen" they had found it.They created a new music style, a mix o rock, opera and other music styles. They were a great team and each of them was able to compose great songs. They were famous for their concerts where they impressed their fans with expensive lightshows and crazy outfits. Especialy Freddie had the talent to fascinate the fans with his ideas, to wear woman clothes and glamour outfits. But nobody thought hat Freddie was homosexual. He din't make it public but he showed it with his clothes and his way of life. When the video to the song "I want to break free" came out, people were shocked because in the video Queen were dressed as womens. And now people recognized that Freddie was homosexual. At this time the society didn't accpet this and so they didn't accept Freddie as homosexual. But Freddie didn't care about society. Queen only wanted to provocate. Because of this the press didn't like Queen.
In 1972 they get there first record contract, but they had not much success with their first album "Queen". They had more success with the second album "Queen2" and from now on they had one hit after the other and they gave many huge concerts. They wrote songs for films and worked with other stars together,for example they covered some of their old songs with others like We will rock you with the group Five and We are the champions with Robbie Williams. They invented the idea to make videoclips to the songs, because for their hit Bohemian Rhapsody they made a promotion video and so this idea was born. Among Queen all menbers worked on solo projects and with them they were successful, too. Their greatest success was the hit "Bohemian Rhapsody", that was a mix of ballad and rock. and was six minutes long.
On 23rd November 1991 Freddie announced to the press that he had AIDS and one the later on the 24th November 1991 he died. After his death the other members of Queen founded the Mercury Phoenix Trust which should help to the fight against AIDS. In memory of him they gave a big concert to say goodbye.

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