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Referat: Roman Catholics; Non-Christain Religious Communities; Current Religious Issues

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1.Roman Catholics
-664 England accepted papal control
-1534 series of anti-Catholic acts abolished papal authority
-1634 Catholics emigrate to America, because of Anti-papal legislation
-1829 Catholic Emancipation Act assured Catholics of all political rights
-1830-41 Oxford movement led to revival of British Catholicism ->Roman Catholicism increase in Britain
-1850 Roman hierarchy with archbishop of Westminster at head reintroduced
-1982 Visit of Pope John Paul II to Britain
2.Non-Christain Religious Communities
-since 1950’s Britain developed into a nation with many races and religions
-Immigrants from Asia and Black Africa resulted many Non-Christian Religions
-adult membership to Trinitarian churches fallen by 16%, number of Muslims and Sikhs more than doubled
3.Current Religious Issues
-decreasing influence of Church on society
-concern about sufficient supply of young clergymen in Anglican church
-ordination of women (discussed since 1975, ruled on 1992)
-relationship of Church and State question for Anglicanism (e.g. separation of Church and State)
-British Catholics split over Pope’s view of birth control and celibacy
-urgent problem, because of too big Church influence on Northern Irish politics and school education
-growth of youth sects sine 1970’s (problem for traditional Churches)
-Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament by church members especially from Free Churches
-increasing emphasis on inter-denominational activities, e.g. holidays, conferences, retreats for Christians of all age-ranges
-churches increasingly playing role in British life, comment directly on social problems, e.g. homelessness, poverty, drugs and AIDS

Kurzvortrag zu der Religion in Groß Britanien speziell zu den Katoliken, zu religiösen Zwecken und Religiösen Gemeinschaften. (auf Englisch) (231 Wörter)
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Religion | England | Great Britain | Development | Roman Catholics | Non-Christain Religious Communities | Current Religious Issues
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