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How does Ben try to get together with Elaine?

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How does Ben try to get together with Elaine?

[ He knows that Elaine still hates him, because her mother claimed that she has been raped by Ben. But he ignores this fact and still wants to get married to Elaine Robinson ]
he drives up to Berkeley, rents a room, orders a table in a restaurant next door and calls the operator to find out, where Elaine lives. He wants to take her out for dinner, but he is too shy to call her.
he goes to the dormitory where Elaine lives (Wendell Hall). He watches the students walking in and out and then he finally walks inside and asks for Elaine. But again he is too shy and refuses to have her called down or to leave her a message. Then he sells his car in order to be able to stay at Berkeley for some more time.
because he has not seen her so far he decides to write her a letter. He starts many letters but he does not finish any of them. In his letters he explains that he feels sorry for what he did and that he loves her.
He walks around at the university and then finally he sees her but he does not dare to talk to her. So he follows her for a long time and asks some other students about her. Then finally he pretends to meet her accidentally and talks to her for a few seconds. But he is so confused that he does not know what to do and so after a few sentences he tells Elaine that he would have to leave and “runs away“.
a few days later he sees her at a busstop, but as he is too shy he rushes into a restaurant on the other side of the street to watch her. Finally he runs out to talk to her. But he does not tell her his real reason for coming here and so they talk about a lot of common things. Elaine realises that Benjamin of cause did not come there just for fun.
he no longer tries to get in contact with her. He sometimes meets her accidentally in the street. One day Elaine asks him for his address and meets him in the afternoon to find out his real reason for coming to Berkeley. When she finds out that he came up just because of her, she wants him to leave. Then they talk for some more minutes and Ben tells Elaine that he did not rape her mother. He also tells her about his plans and his fears to meet her.
[ Now Elaine feels responsible for Benjamin ]
Finally Elaine visits Ben at night and asks him to kiss her. Now Ben gets a little bit more self-confident and asks Elaine to marry him. Elaine promises him to think about it.
The telegram from Mrs. Robinson makes him realize that he has to act quickly. So Ben buys a ring and almost urges her to marry him. But Elaine is unsure because of her parents who surely hate Benjamin.
Benjamin finally decides to fly back home to break into the Robinsons‘ house to steal Elaine’s birth certificate, because he knows that soon Elaine’s parents will stop them from marrying.
Then Elaine has another problem: After their marriage her father would not pay any further money for her studies. So Ben promises to get a job as a teacher to earn enough money to pay the university for Elaine.
From now on he asks her several times to marry him, but she neither agrees nor disagrees. So he tries to convince her by telling her, that she was very intelligent and striking looking and by planning the whole marriage very detailed.
Now Ben becomes really rude, as he tries to tell Elaine that her parents never really loved each other and that it is not his fault that her parents are getting divorced. This is almost the same he explains to Mr. Robinson.
After Elaine went away with her father he searches the whole university to find Elaine. He even walks into a girls-only cafeteria and asks all the girls if they knew Elaine Robinson. He is no longer shy and he tries everything possible to find her, ignoring that even his own father disagrees with that.
When he gets to know that Elaine left and that she can never see him again, he immediately flies home and breaks into the Robinsons‘ house. When he realises that Elaine is going to marry Carl Smith he immediately flies to San Francisco to visit him. When he finds the note at his door, again he rushes to the airport and flies to Santa Barbara to get to the church where Elaine and Carl are going to marry.
In the church he shouts throughout the whole church to prevent Elaine from marrying Carl Smith. Then he starts a rivalry with some of the relatives and finally “catches” Elaine and runs away together with her... ( finally he is successful!
Charles Webb - The Graduate - How does Ben try to get together with Elaine? (850 Wörter)
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