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Summary of the movie The last of the Mohicans by Michael Mann

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The Movie „The Last Of The Mohicans“ plays in the 18th century in North America.
Hawkeye, an Indian of white descent, lives with the Mohicans in accordance with
nature. As the battle of the domination in the new colonies between the British and the
French begins, hatress and antagonism between the Mohicans, the Hurons and its
leader Magua break out. The British abolished Magua’s whole familiy. Because
of that the Hurons assist the French in this war and the British
coerce the Mohicans into assisting them. Chingachgook, his adoptive white son
Hawkeye and his son Ucas rescue the British officer’s daughters Alice and Cora and
the soldier Heyward from the bloodthirsty hands of the Hurons.
Heyward asked Cora before to marry him, but she negated it.
After the escape through the forests, where Hawkeye and Cora converge, the
Indians bring the two women and the man save and sound back to Munro’s, the British
officer’s, sieged fort. Instead of beeing thankful, Alice’s and Cora’s father want to
clamp the Mohicans for his purposes furthermore. A few of them agree to assist the
British, but others take refuge. Hawkeye stays, because he fell in love with Cora.
When Munro recognize, that the Indian of white descent helped the other Mohicans
with their escape, he put him into the dungeon in order to hang him later. His daughter
Cora is very desperate about the situation, but Hawkeye tells her she shouldn’t be and
hold to her father.
After a time of sensless force the British and the French officers talk in peace with
each other and resolve an agreement, which says that the British should leave the
country and they do so, but on their journey the Hurons attack them again.
Many people die, but Hawkeye, his fahter and his brother can rescue Cora and Alice
again and paddle with canoe’s along the river away. Other British rescue themselves in
the same way, like for example Heyward, the soldier. They all hide themselves beside
a large waterfall, but the Hurons can find them again. Chingachgook and his sons
disappear. The rowdyish Indians kill the other men, but take Cora, her sister and
Heyward to their tribe and show them to their sachem. He order to kill the women,
because they are the daughters of the British officer, whose troops abolished so many
Hurons. But suddenly Hawkeye appear and talk to the sachem, that there wouldn’t be
justice, if they take the sisters. They should take him, but they don’t. Instead of taking
Cora, Alice or him, they take the British soldier Heyward and burn him in the fire.
Hawkeye and his love are on the run again, but the Hurons hold Alice still in bondage.
They travel with her through the mountains and on their way Ucas attack them, but
Magua can kill him. Alice don’t want to see those cruelly spectacles and live any
longer. So she hurl herself from the moutain into the abysm. At the same time the
others, Chingachgook, Hawkeye and Cora, arrive. Both of the men fight against the
Hurons and kill them. At the end there’s just the three left on the part of the mountain.
Hawkeye holds Cora in his arms, because they are in love with each other.
Chingachgook looks over the landscape and speaks wise words.
Now, he is the last of the Mohicans.
A hundred of years later there will be other people and other tribes on this land,
which once upon a time belonged to the Mohicans.
This is a summary of the movie "The last of the Mohicans" by Michael Mann.A love story in the 18th century.
It contains the most important events in chronological order.

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