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bitte um Korrektur <3

Frage: bitte um Korrektur <3
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My favorite Movies
My favorite Movie is the movie Ocean 13.

I choose this movie because of the actor, idea of the Movie (history) and another point is that the movie has certain serenity

This Movie is about a group of men. They looks like businessmen very seriously and usual but everybody of the men belong to a team of rogues and they steal money of banks or rich peoples without weapons and violent. In these movies they have again a very big Clou .A friend of the group was deceived and lost his casino in Las Vegas. The team wants to steal all the money and diamonds of new owner of the casino. But it is not as easy as they thought it because of the safety system. With a big driller under the ground they can trigger an earthquake. The earthquake cashes the safety system down. But the computer need time to reload the safety system. At the end they disguise themselves as employees and steal the money and diamonds. With a helicopter which is packed on the roof of these casinos they flew away.
Frage von robrob (ehem. Mitglied) | am 15.03.2012 - 22:16

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Antwort von buesra_91 | 15.03.2012 - 22:55
I`ve chosenthis movie because I like the actor and the idea of the movie. Another reason why I`ve chosen it, is that the movie has a certain serenity.

They look like......very serious , but each of them belong to....
they steal money frombanks and from rich people a very violent way. (without weapons ...worauf ist das bezogen? Reiche leute ohne waffen ? oder klauen die Räuber ohne Waffen? )
A friend of the group is deceived and loses hic casino ( nicht die Zeit wechseln!)

es heißt to steal from sb. nicht of
...steal all the money and diamonds from thenew owner ....
but that`s not as easy as they thought... ohne it..
the computer needs time...
they disguise as employees...
they "fly" away... im Präsens bleiben ;)

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