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The metaphor 'mist' on page 62/63

Alles zu Susan Hill  - I

Hausaufgabe Englisch:

Describe and analyse the meaning of the metaphor of mist (pp. 62-63)
In this peace of text the autor Susan Hill uses the stylistic device of metaphor in the form of “mist“. The mist is there when Kingshaw leaves Warings in order to run away. The mist on the one makes it impossible for him to to see clearly and even makes it unable to see farer that a few meters. On the other hand it causes his clothes to become wet and the ground to become slippery and by this it troubles him, forcing him to walk slowly. The authors uses this metaphor to show that everything at that moment is new to Kingshaw, as he is doing something he had never done before. The mist hides the horizont and everything else that is far away. This means that neither Kingshaw nor the reader know what is going to happen. Everything could happen, what of course causes a lot of tension due to the mysterious athmosphere, too.

Explain and analyse the metaphor of the 'mist' on page 62/63! (170 Wörter)
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