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Analye der Eröffnungsszene von "There

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Alexander Esser Stufe 11

S. 61/2a Ted and his behaviour
Ted is a bad looking, less attractive boy at the age of sixteen. He has some dental braces and extraordinary clothes. I think already these points don’t make the audience sympathize with Ted. More over, he behaves not self-ensured at all and doesn’t know how to be polite to a girl. By his behaviour the first impression of the audience is confirmed. Ted just seems to be less pleasant when he appears, but still doesn’t do anything. When he however begins to act, the audience gets to know, that the opinion about him not just was a prejudice. So I think the director wants us to dislike Ted.
S. 61/2b Similar scenes in films
In many films there are similar scenes to round the movie off. So in ‘About a boy’ - for example – in end there was shown a Christmas evening some years later. This evening was compared with the ones before and so you recognize that everybody has changed. This is how it works in ‘There’s Something about Mary’, too. Just at the beginning you see, that there might happen something between Mary and Ted. They have something in common. Ted behaves very stupid, when he invites her to the proms. Mary’s brother behaves stupid, too, even if he might not have the blame for his behaviour as he is disturbed.
First Ted is the reason of the other’s laughter. Very impolitely he asks a school mate whether she wants to go to the proms with him. Then Mary’s brother appears looking for his baseball. As the pupils play a tick on him, he also makes everybody laugh.
So there are two scenes, which have much in common.

S. 61/2c Lightning
As the first segment takes place in the afternoon of a summer day, there is the sun shining down at the pupils. How ever, sometimes also the shadows the trees cast are used. When Mary appears first time, she locks her bike under a tree. So the surroundings around her are bit darker as usual. In the shadow of the tree her looking finds expression better. Her pink trousers don’t look as pale as they maybe would have looked in the sunlight.
Die 1. Szene aus "There"s something about Mary" ("Verrückt nach Mary") wird in Hinblick auf 2 verschiedene Punkte analysiert. Danach erfolgt eine Stellungnahme, wie der Film weitergehen könnte. (376 Wörter)
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