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Das Schulsystem in Großbritanien

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British Educational System 1. Types of Schools in the UK

• Different systems for England, Wales and Scotland, Northern Ireland
England and Wales compulsory education from 5 to 16
• very often uniform only in schools, normaly not in colleges
• one non uniform day per term
Nursery School
Pre school education preparing for primary school
Primary school
- Year l to 6
- age of 5 to 11 years
Secondary school
- Year 7 to 11/13 (students aged 11-19)
- mostly comprehensive, other types are: state school, independent school/public school, Sixth Form College, Grammar Schools
Comprehensive School
- largest range of subjects
- no fees, non selective
Sixth Form College
- mainly students aged 16 to 18
- more practically orientated subjects
Independent School
- privately funded
- students must pay tuition fee
Puplic School
- older, more prestigious private schools
- Including boarding schools such as Eton College (1440), Winchester College (1382)
- nowadays mostly day schools
Grammar School
State School
Private school
- more traditional range of subjects
selective (entry-level requirements)
- financed and operated by the government
- often poor standards
General School Day
- Students are organised in Forms and Years
- Three terms, Holidays are between the terms 2 weeks and at half term one week
- Five lessons/periods a day, Morning and afternoon registration
- Up to Year l O assembly once a week in Year 11-13 only once every two weeks
- Up to Year 11 no Frees, students are not allowed to leave school during Frees
- Day starts between 8am and 9am and finishes between 3pm and 4pm
- School have often rooms for the sixth form students to spend their frees
- Students in Year 12 have the opportunity to become prefects
3. Subjects and Types of Exaxnfi in Secondary School
- Three core subjects (English, Maths and a Science) which one has to take till Year 11
- Seven foundation subjects (History, Geography, Technology, a Modern Language, Art, Music, PE), RE (religious education) is offered by every school but not cornpulsory
- PSE (Personal and Social Education) for Careers Guidance etc., General Studies
- Extra-curricular activities such as languages, Sports etc.
- Tests in Year 3, 6, 9, 11 to assess the knowledge of the students
- Year 11 GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)
- mixture of continual assesment of class work and a written or oral examination
- entry qualification for the Sixth Form
- Exams
- Free choise of subjects for A-Levels (3-5 subjects)
- Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13) in England and Wales GNVQ (l year), AVCE (2 years), AS/A-Level (1 + 1 years), in Scottland SCE
- Three passed A-Levels or five passed SGE are the entry requirements for most unis
- Students can repeat an Exam twice
- Grades
- Grades A-E are Passes at 10O-4O°/o right answers
- Other grades are F and U(ungraded) as well as P/0 (printout), these are all failed
- In Year 12/13 the normal test results don't contribute to the exams
Eine Beschreibung der verschiedenen Schulen in Großbritanien - von einem Vortrag.
(Primary schools, Secondary schools, Comprehensive schools, Public schools, ...) (508 Wörter)
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