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A Compare of the german and the american school systems

The german Grundschule and the elementary school in the states are seems to be the same. In many cases, in the United States, the elementary school includes the Kindergarten.
The American school system is in many ways different from the German one.
At the year of two you start your school carreer: You go to a "Nursery School" (Kleinkindergarten ). Then ,at the age of four, you join the kindergarden. and at the age of six you start with the "Elementary School" (Grundschule). After you stayed there six years, you go to a High School (Oberschule). The first three years you are in Junior High School, and the second three years is the so called "Senior High School".Some of the grades have names: for example the ninth grade is called "Freshman", the tenth "Sophomore", the eleventh "Junior" and the 12th grade "Senior". After the 12th grade you can get your graduation.
One of the things American and German schools have in common is, that the pupils don't have to wear a uniform.
In germany the tendency get`s more and more, to have a few school forms, under one roof. It`s called the Gesammtschule and it includes the Hauptschule, the Gymnasium and the Realschule. To have this form of school at one place get`s more and more popluar in germany.
Many people in other countries think that High Schools have a low niveau, but that's mostly not right. There are really niveauless High Schools, but also High Schools that teach on a very high level. American High School believes in an other ideal of education.
Something to compare to the german Gesammtschule is in the States an compendium of junior high school and senior high school, the junior college.
Further on at the High schools in the united states, sport is also very important at. There is a high competition
between the single students to become member of a special sport team. There are often sport events between the single schools in one city.
In the states and in also in germany exsisting privateschools wich are named Privatschulen. In germany there population are around 8% and in the USA there are more than 15% students in private schools and the trend is upstreaming. Maybe the violence on the normal schools is an explaining for the Trend to send the children to this schools, further a general trend in the states is “homeschooling”, were parents teach their children in that way they're thinking it`s the best way.
In germany and also in the states the normal way to go on, after finishing the schoolisch way, is to make a job training.
So finaly i`m not in the right position to form an objective opinon about the american school system, because i dont know so much about this school system in detail. But i think our form in germany is so far OK, but otherwise the PISA study has an other opinion.Further on i thin the high schools in the USA advance, more than Germnan schools, the flexibility and selfconfident of the students.
So erveryone should form an own view of the diferent systems and decide whats god and whats not so god.
Dies ist ein englischer Text, in dem das Deutsche und das Englische Schulsystem miteinander verglichen werden. Es werden jeweils Vorteile und Nachteile gegenübergestellt. (540 Wörter)
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