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Bra Boys Dokumentation Stickpunkte

Bra Boys

- 2007 "Sport" documentary
- Director: Sunny Abberton (writer)
- First officially sanctioned documentary about Maroubra's notorious surf gang - Bra Boys
- Shows their success at professional wave surfing
- Explores reputation for hard partying and rough justice
- Explores running battle with police
- Shows their reliance on one another to fit into and survive insanity which they are displaced
- Sunny, Koby, Jai Dakota Abberton
- First 5 minutes deal with history particularly of area
- A suburb with a poor history but rich with characters
- Poor, unemployed families drawn to live in Maroubra overall looked by Long Bay Gaol
- Area filled with parental neglect, domestic conflict and poverty
- Different opinions about Bra Boys I. "They're not bad, just cheeky little grommets II. "Boys in Maroubra are nothing but trouble
- Mother heroin addict
- Step-father bank robber
- "beach was all of our life ... didn't have much money ... had to fend for ourselves ... didn't know any of our father ... our brothers were our role models (Jai)
- Grew up in housing commission area
- Spend much time of their with their grandmother (ma) house on the beach
- The brothers and friends spent lots of time there
- "she gave us all that we needed
- "We were young boys, young hoodlums, ma gave us a house and headquarters
- In 1990 gang violence began to increase, especially stabling's and shootings-fighting became a part of our daily lives
- Gang mentality rapidly began to take off
Jai Trial
- New lease on life
- Jury stayed and hugged and kissed Jai proud of him
- " one group of people who knows
- Lawyers attended after party line of honour
"Kick back surfing
- "we're gonna charge the big waves from here on for the rest of our lives
- Take on Cyclops waves
Ma's death
- Huge crowd
- Attending boys lost only one who cared for them
- Had been important that Jai/Koby "cleared before Ma's death
Cronulla Race Riot (Dec, 2005)
- Whites vs Lebanese
- Bra boys "brokered a deal to allow Lebanese people "freedom on Cronulla beach
- Bra Boys had power
- "protecting police
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