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Mediation zu "Schreodel Aktuell: Frauen in Indien"

Alles zu IndiaAufgabenstellung und deutsche Texte als Grafikdatei (Schroedel aktuell: Sind Frauen in Indien Menschen zweiter Klasse?)

Hello Dave, this is a summary of the texts we read in the last politic lessons. I hope they are helpful to you.

M1: NEW-DELHI, 29.12.2012
After a raped woman died the police send six suspects to prison. If they get sentenced for murder they will face the death penalty. People all over in India are mourning and demonstrators not only call for justice but also for more rights of woman in India. They also want to continue fighting against sexual violence.

There are more women than men all over the world. Only in India there are just ninehundred-fourteen women to thousand men. This is because of the fact that Indians tend to perform an abortion with girls, or they kill them just after they are born. Every fourth girl does not survive until its' fifteenth birthday, while more than half of all girls and women in India are underweighted. In India woman are nothing more than their husbands' property. They only get something to eat if there is something left when the male family members finished eating. (05.01.2013)

There shall be more police in the streets, more rigorous laws and harder sentences to guard woman. But the main problem in India still is the same: The people have to change their mentality and stop to think of women as objects.
People shouldn't always for the government to change things, because the government can not do it alone. Indians women need rear cover and equality in the national parliament, the states' parliaments, the district- and village councils, in universities and schools, but also in families and at home. (05.01.2013)

Indian is a land with big contrasts. While they are planning flying to the moon, down on the ground tons of grain decays and people starve to death. The economy is rising explosively and continues to be a democracy even though the circumstances are not very well. But on the other hand the culture as well as the gender roles seems to be stuck in the past. (04.01.2013)

In September 2009, the club "LIFT.e.V. - Future for Indian girls was founded to support Indian women and girls and to get out of poverty. They teach them their rights, how to call for it and how to organize themselves.
Since 17 years women benefits from this departure. The results are that the well-trained woman get good jobs or return to their villages and help them to become better. Villages get cleaner, fewer children are born and less female babies are killed. Parents start wanting their daughters went to school.

I hope this summary helps you in the discussion next week.
Have a nice day!
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