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Hab hier mal mein Referat für die Eurokom, wär nett wenn es sich jemand anschauen könnte und evt. Fehler verbessern (Grammatik, keine Rechtschreibung). Thema ist Johnny Cash.

1.Facts about Johnny Cash
2.His life
3.The music and his career

Facts about Johnny Cash
Johnny was born in 1932, on the 26th February in Arkansas. He died in Tennessee on the 12th September in 2003. Cash was the husband of country singer and songwriter June Carter Cash.
He was known for his deep voice and his dark clothing, which earned him the nickname „the man in black“. He started all his concerts with the simple introduction "Hello, I`m Johnny Cash."
His family`s economic and personal struggles during his depression and drug addiction shaped him as a person and inspired many of his songs.

His Life
His parents Ray and Carrie gave Johnny the name J.R., because they couldn’t agree on a name, only in initials. But the military didn’t accept just initials as his name, so he adopted John R. Cash as his legal name. When he signed for Sun Records in 1955, he took "Johnny" Cash as a stage name.
By age five, Johnny was working in the cotton fields, singing along with his family as they worked. He began playing guitar and writing songs as a young boy. Johnny had one older brother, Jack. He died in a tragic accident in 1944.
Johnny had four daughters from his wife Vivian: Rosanne, Kathleen, Tara, Cindy and one son from June Carter, John.

The music and his career
With 14 years, in 1946, Johnny had his heart set on a music career and started entering talent contests and singing anywhere and everywhere he could. In the next eight years he signed up for the Air Force, and when he went to Landsberg in Germany to the Air Force, he organized his first band. In 1954 on the 7th August he married Vivian Liberto. In this year were „John and the Tennessee Two“ born. First they played gospel songs at local parties and church socials, later they recorded some songs and chose to make more Country/Western music. 1956 Johnny and the Tennessee Two realeased two new songs, which got 2 million seller. Johnny signed his first management deal. In the next ten years he realesed longplayers, began to perfom with June Carter, a famous country singer, and entered together with her the charts. But he also began drinking heavily and became addicted to drugs. He was many years very depressed, because his career wasn’t exactly like he imagined it. In the middle of 1960 his drug addiction was at its worst at this point and he had a lot of problems with his career. On the 1st march 1968 he left his wife Vivian and married June Carter. In the 70’s Johnny was invitited to the White House to perfom for president nixon, June and he made a film, he got a own TV show and he realsed many longplayers. Slowly he felt better and he sold a lot of CDs again. He tried hard to make a good job and good music. 1997 he realeased his autobiography. In may 2003 Johnny’s wife June passed away following complicatiosn from heart surgery, four months later Johnny died too, but of complications from Diabetes.
2005 a movie about Johnny Cash and the highs and lows of his special life was released. The movie is called „Walk The Line“, like a famous song of Johnny. Today he is also remembered and admired as a great country and rock n roll singer. He sold over 50 million albums in his nearly 50 year career and is generally recognized as one of the most important musicians in the history of American popular music.
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Antwort von GAST | 10.11.2006 - 21:17
hab eik keine fehler gesehen^^

Antwort von GAST | 10.11.2006 - 21:24
mhh müsste soweit richtig sein...hab auch keinen fehler gefunden! :-)

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