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Korrekturlesen in Englisch

Frage: Korrekturlesen in Englisch
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hALLO! wie geht es euch? ich hoffe ich habt nicht so viel arbeit, denn hier hab ich ein kleiner absatz auf englisch, und ich bitte jemand ob es verbessern kann! (mein deutsch ist nicht so gut denn ich komme aus guatemala) hehe... tschuus und danke!

William Jefferson Clinton explains since the first sentence what his major political aim is: the American renewal. Later on he repeats his dream: to renew America, but to achieve this dream everybody has to meet challenges. His other wish is to demand more responsibility of all so that you can receive what you deserve (l. 48). He also tells the American citizens that it is time for change and to preserve America’s principles, which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so that when these are challenged all together will act. At the end of his speech he refers to another goal, which is that every American citizen has to care for one another, so that nobody stays without help. He thinks that to achieve these goals it will not be an easy work, but with sacrifice it will be possible to realize them. According to Bill Clinton the dream of a new, better and fuller life will be possible, if the people act with peaceful negotiation, but if it is necessary to solve the problems with force then they have to act with force.

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Antwort von El-Commandante | 15.02.2006 - 23:48
das gibt wohl ne verwarnung *gg*

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