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Bitte um Korrektur des Textes. Danke!

Frage: Bitte um Korrektur des Textes. Danke!
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Many teenagers dream of being independent. They don’t like their parents taking care of everything. Unfortunately, many of them are not old enough, and that’s why they are not ready to be responsible for everything.

Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages to being independent.

Firstly, nobody tells you what to do. You can choose your activities, manage your own time. For instance, you can relax during the day and work late at night, if it’s more comfortable for you. Secondly, when you realize that you don’t have a person, who can help you with your job, you usually do everything quickly and properly.

However, there are not only pluses of independence

For example, nobody can help you or give you a valuable advice, when you are in two minds. You have to make all the serious decisions by yourself. Moreover, only you are responsible for every mistake. All the decisions must be thought over many times. ?To tell the truth, some people just can’t handle paying back for mistakes, so they prefer to do nothing.? They are just afraid of doing something wrong.

In conclusion, being independent is really difficult but if a person is ready, it can be very pleasant. As for me, I think that people can’t always rely on others and they have to be able to take care of themselves.
Frage von Prelest | am 13.12.2018 - 21:32

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