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biite Eurocom korrigieren Hobby Skateboarding

Frage: biite Eurocom korrigieren Hobby Skateboarding
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Hallo Leute ich hab für die Eurocom einen Text zum Thema MyHobby Skateboarding erarbeitet und wäre euch sehr dankbar ,wenn ihr ihn auf seine Richtigkeit überprüfen würdet.
Vielen Dank

Can I get started?
Hello Mr.l3l, Hello LUL my name is Max Mustermann and welcome to my Presentation about my Hobby skateboarding.
Skateboarding is my biggest Hobby. I started skating at the age of 10. In the beginning, I had a cheap beginner board which I used for 2 years. With this Skateboard I had much fun and I learned a few tricks.

But now enough introducing. My presentation consists of the following parts. I’ll start with the History of skateboarding, secondly, I will talk about the Hardware (what is the structure of a skateboard?). Next, I will show you the skateboarding today. After that, we will look at some tricks and my last part is the Lifestyle of skateboarding. A Q&A session is planned after the presentation.

1. History of Skateboarding (beginning)
Ok, let´s start with my first part the "History of Skateboarding".
Skateboarding first showed up in California. Surfers wanted to do something when their waves are flat so they had the idea to surf on the streets. They called it "sidewalk surfing".

These first skateboarders started with wooden boxes or boards with roller skate wheels slapped on the bottom. So a lot of people got hurt in skateboarding`s early years.

Years later in the spring of 1975 skateboarding got a big boost toward the sport that we see today. The Zephyr team showed the world on a slalom and freestyle contest what skateboarding could be.
Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Stacy Peralta are the most famous members of this team.
A few years later in the 1990s skateboarding became dominated by street skateboarding.

2. Hardware and equipment
The second part of my presentation is "Hardware and equipment".
The Hardware of a skateboard developed with the time. Back then skateboards were very heavy today are skateboards very light. Responsible for this are companies like Thunder, Bones, Plan-B or other big companies.

Here you can see my skateboard. This is the deck it is from the brand EMillion and its 7.8 inches wide. Here is the grip tape it makes Shure, that you have a secure footing and makes it easier to perform tricks. The Trucks are hollow that makes the weight much lighter. The four wheels are on the trucks and roll with the bearings.

Other important things you need for skating are shoes for a good grip, a Tool and maybe protection.

3. Skateboarding today
Now to my third topic "skateboarding today".
Today is skateboarding very popular. Skateparks are all over the world in small villages like Altheim or in big cities. There are a lot of things only for skateboarding for example shoes with much grip or backpacks with a skateboard holder. Today it gives also famous skaters who can live from their sponsors A good example on this is Tony Hawk.

In the year 2020, skateboarding is the first time a part of the Olympic games in Tokyo, but there are already big competitions, for example, the
"X Games".

4. Tricks
let’s move on to my next topic "Tricks"
With a skateboard, you can do a lot of tricks there are many types for example flip tricks, grinds, slides, ramp tricks, basic tricks or grabs.
The first trick that I have learned was a basic trick the "Ollie".

If you want to do an "Ollie" you must Jump up, and kick down the tail and at the same time Slide your front foot.
Another trick is the "Kickflip" it is one of the basic flip tricks. When you do a Kickflip you Do an ollie, use your foot to flip the board one full rotation and land on it.
There are also tricks you will need a rail for. One of them is the "boardslide"
for this, trick you must do an Ollie and land with the middle of your board on the rail.

5. Lifestyle
Finally to my last topic "Lifestyle"
Skateboarding is a sport like no other. The special feature of skating is that there are no rules, no teams, no winners and no losers.
Skaters are free. They can skate how they want and they can do tricks how they want. When someone skates well, we all win. I think that`s a very positive thing about skateboarding and this is probably the reason why this sport is so popular.
Also is skateboarding for some people more than just a hobby, they see it as a lifestyle.

In conclusion, I can say, that skateboarding is a big part of my life and for me, it is also more than just a hobby.

Thank you for your attention. If you have got any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.
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