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Frage: Job Decription Bitte korrigieren
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Job Description
A teacher has to teach the students and go early home.
No, teacher has to do more than that. Without teacher the childrens never learn and we will ahve stupid people around us. A teacher has to do a heavy training and many reqirements. At first a teacher do a education, which is hard and then they do a teaching seminar. Teachers have to require many things for their subject. For example an english teacher has to learn everything about her subject. I think a teacher has to work six hours, sometimes more. At home thy check the homeworks or the tests and this take some time. But for a normal worker a teacher earn a lot of money. They earn between 2.929 - 4.394 € in a month. I think a teacher is a hard job, because I don’t want to correct homeworks or tests. A teacher has to do a hard training. I don’t want it. It’s horrible.
Frage von Boldos (ehem. Mitglied) | am 15.03.2017 - 15:33

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Antwort von MissNadaya | 15.03.2017 - 17:03
A teachers job is it to educate their students and then go home early.
Some may think that but that´s actually not the case because a teacher has to do a lot more. Without teachers children would never learn anything and the result would be a lot of stupid people everywhere. Becoming a teacher is not easy and requires hard work and training. Teachers must be experts in their chosen subjects. For example an englisch teacher has to know everything about englisch grammar and the topics that are covered in class. A teachers day starts at around 8 o´clock and goes on for all of their classes, but the teachers job doesn´t end there: he/she brings home a lot of work in the tests and the homework that have to be graded. This is not done in a mere hour but takes a lot of time. Teachers earn a lot of money in consideration to other jobs. They earn about 2.929 - 4.394 Euros per month. In my opinion being a teacher is a very hard job even though it may not look like it because of all of the extra work they have even after class. I wouldn´t want to become a teacher.

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