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kurzer Zeitungsartikel - bitte korigieren

Frage: kurzer Zeitungsartikel - bitte korigieren
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Hallo :)
Kann mir jemand beim Korrigieren dieses Textes helfen? Ich habe mir schon sehr viel Mühe gegeben, aber wahrscheinlich haben sich doch ein paar sprachliche Fehler eingeschlichen...

Vielen Dank!

Coal - better as its reputation?

There are three big groups of energy carriers that serve us for electricity production and for covering our energy demand; these are fossil, nuclear and renewable energies.
Coal, petroleum and natural gas are counted among the fossil fuels, which emerged from dead animal and plant remains for millions of years. The energy supplier coal I would like to introduce with this article and explain the advantages and disadvantages.

Coal emerges by a protracted carbonation of plant remains and consists of a large amount of carbon. During the combustion of coal energy in the form of heat release, which is used for heating and producing of electric energy. You distinguish between the 250 million years old black coal and the 50 million years old lignite. Black coal is emerged at higher pressure than lignite and is tougher and contained less moisture.

Despite the bad reputation of coal provides this energy form some advantages. Coal is an important energy carrier in Germany because it is available in Germany and is quarried there too. That makes Germany at least partly independent of oil-producing nations and their changeable price policy. Furthermore, the delivery and energy extraction is less adventurous than atomic power. Lignite is easy and affordable to quarry and the quarrying safeguard jobs in Germany.

However, the disadvantages of coal extraction and production still prevail because of some grave points of criticism. Coal have a high sulphur content so it is not possible to burn it without pollutants and contribute a big share to the environmental pollution. Germany gives priority to environmentalism and tighten the laws, so the polluting powerhouses are still criticized. Furthermore, the coal mining intervenes deep into the life of the resident this area and they have to yield to the sprawling opencast mining with their houses or farms. The haulage for coal are very high, so the coal is burn in local powerhouses. In addition, the black coal quarrying in Germany is more expensive than in other countries because the coal store in great depths. High labour costs and the minimum wage increase the price too, so German powerhouses use often foreign coal. Even today mining contains lots of dangers for example ingresses of water and gas explosions in which is often staff affected too. However, the most persuasive point is that during combustion of energy carriers the coal is annihilate and thereby evermore coal have to quarry. The supplies of coal expire and stretch worldwide only for 250 till 500 years.

The quarrying of coal with its advantages and disadvantages concerns all of us in our daily life. More than 40% of our electricity that we use in all aspects our life is extract by black coal and lignite. Many of you were definitely once before in the Ruhr area, where everywhere disused or still occupied collieries are located. Maybe you do a class trip there. For many years was coal mining the leading industry and alter visual and structural the whole region. However, the supplies of coal are nearly depleted and many collieries closed. In accordance with the energy revolution in Germany many mines has to closed too and a restructuring with lots of new projects in the Ruhr area emerged. Several collieries converted to interesting museums and I can recommend a visit to these museums.
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