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Hilfe bei will-futur und going to

Frage: Hilfe bei will-futur und going to
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Kann bitte mal jemand rüberschauen ob das was ich nach den Zahlen eingesetzt habe so stimmt?
Das wort in Klammern mußt ich in die richtige form bringen.

Sally:So, Katrin, have you got any special plans for the weekend?
Katrin:Yes, I have, actually.
My parents (1) are going to come (come)
to England.
Sally:Oh, really. For how long?
Katrin:Well, they (2) will arrive (arrive) on Friday and (3) are going to
stay (stay) until Wednesday. They booked the tickets months
Sally:I expect that (4) will be (be) nice. When did you last see them?
Katrin:Oh, about three months ago. Quite a long time, so I don’t think
we (5) will stop (stop) talking the whole time.
Sally:Are you planning anything special?
Katrin:Yes, they (6) will flies (fly) to London, so we (7) are going to
spend (spend) the weekend there in a hotel.
Sally:Wow, that (8) will give (give) you and your mum a break from
the cooking!
Katrin:Exactly! Of course we (9) will do (do) some sightseeing -
maybe we (10) will take (take) one of those double decker
buses ; they stop at all the interesting places, and then I want
to take them to a show on Saturday evening. I haven’t got any
tickets yet but I (11) am going to look (look) in the Internet.
Sally:My sister saw a really good show when she was in London last
Katrin:Oh? Can you remember the name?
Sally:No, I can’t; that’s the problem. I (12) will phone (phone) her
and then I (13) will get back (get back) to your later.
Katrin:Thanks. And on Sunday maybe we (14) are going to go (go)
for a walk in Hyde Park or (15) will go (go) on a boat on the
Sally:And there’s always shopping.
Katrin:That’s true but they can do that in Peterborough.
We (16) will come (come) back here on Sunday evening.
Michael (17) will cook (cook) a special meal.
Sally:That’s a nice idea. What about the last two days?
Karin:Well, I don’t have any holiday, so I (18) will be (be) at work.
I hope they (19) won’t be (be) bored.
Sally:Surely not. There’s lots to do in Peterborough and you can see
them in the evenings. I’m sure they (20) will have (have) a
lovely time.
Frage von Korni1976 | am 21.05.2012 - 19:38

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Antwort von Korni1976 | 21.05.2012 - 19:49
ein Zusatz ich glaube es ist nicht alles will-Future oder going to-Future

Antwort von GAST | 21.05.2012 - 20:15
für wen/was machst`n das? (wird das sowieso in der schule / lehrgang korrigiert)
haste dich an irgendwelche regeln gehalten?
an welcher stelle biste denn trotz der gültigen regeln unsicher gewesen?

- es ist ziemlich unattraktiv, den ganzen text auf auf korrektur zu lesen. : /

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