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Hi" ich muss nur wissen ob grammatikalisch alles richtig ist.. Danke im voraus.

The Ogallala Aquifer Project
1.The geographical region of the Ogallala Aquifer in the US is refererred to the States Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Most of the Aquifer covers Nebraska and Texas.

2.An aquifer is a large groundwater storage.

3.The presented problem in the script is the big water requirement in the US and so the worsening of water conditions in the Ogallala Aquifer.

4.The History of using the Ogallala Auqifer began at the turn of the century and became more and more important after WW2. During the 1930’s the farmers weren’t able to reach enought water.
So the government ordered them to move elsewhere. But with the new technologies the governement did everything to keep the farmers there.
That helped them during many ariditys.


6.By „sustainable development“ is meant a better use of enviromental resources for now and for future generations by the maintetenance of ecologial processes.

7.Alternatives to the current practise of sustainable development are the integrated pest management (IPM) practices and the reduce of water evaporation by other watering techniques such as drip irrigation.

8.The most important conclusions are that we have only limited control over the resource water in the Ogallala and the most opportunities for increasing supplies are financially and environmentally not cost effective.
Legislative reforms are needed for water shortage prevention.
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Jep, hab mirs 2 mal durchgelesen...

Ich konnte keine Fehler entdecken, also alles korrekt.

fg Tom

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