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Truman Show - Inteview, bitte korrigieren

Frage: Truman Show - Inteview, bitte korrigieren
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Das Thema ist ein Film den ihr alle bestimmt kennt...

"Die Truman Show" mit Jim Carrey....
So und ich sollte ein Interview mit Truman führen, 2 jahre nachdem er aus diesem riesen Studio raus ist...
Hab ich ja alles so weit fertig...
Nur meint meine lehrerin die Grammatik is nich so und ich brauch darin unbedingt 14 punkte....könnten ihr mir vllt. Helfen ?
Was hab ich hier falsch gemacht sie meinte Zeitformen hab ich hier und dort Falsch usw.
Hoffe auf hilfe...bin natürlich auch bereit anderen zu helfen...
ich kopiere euch mal mein Text rein wenn es ok ist...

Bin was Ideen angeht auch natürlich total offen...
GAST stellte diese Frage am 22.03.2010 - 17:01

Antwort von GAST | 22.03.2010 - 17:02
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, today we have special guest. It’s the one and only Truman Burbank. For those who don’t remember him any more, I would like to explain why he was a special guest.

Mr. Burbank was the main character of the TV-Series “The Truman Show” and didn’t know it. Since he was a baby, the producer “Christof” filmed him 24-hours-a-day. All his friends and his so called family were actors, which was masking themselves with this role. At the age of 30 Truman got suspicious, smelled the rat and leaves.
And now 2 years after leaving “Seahaven” and the giant global audience, after this long period he gives us the possibility for the first interview and a view in his emotions. Therefore is the name of today`s show "Truman Burbank in his own words".
Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Truman Burbank.
(Standing ovation)
(G) = Gevorg (Interviewer), (T) = Truman Burbank (C) = Caller
(G): Hello Mr. Burbank first things first I have to say that it is my honor to be the first person which has a interview with you and I’m really glad that your are here today.
(T): The pleasure is all mine, thank you for giving me the possibility to be here.
(G): I, the audience, the whole world, we have got so much questions but unfortunately we lack the time to answer all. So I would like to begin immediately with the first question if you do not mind.
(T): No, not at all, that`s why I`m here, feel free to ask
(G): Ok thank you, well I must mention that these questions do not come from us we have a survey made in the internet and most elected has been picked out.
(T): Ok I hope I can answer them.
(G): Mr. Burbank how d.. (Truman interrupts)
(T): Sorry Gevorg just call me Truman…I don’t like that Mr. Thing that makes me feel so old.
(G): Hahaha ok Truman, uhh how do you like the let me name it the „Rea world“or „Our world“
(T): Well I like it here I really, really like it here, But not because of the skylines or the architecture, what I want say is that it is not based on material things. It is because of the freedom which I enjoy. If I want to go to Chicago I can get on a bus and 12 hours later I’m there. The bus driver won’t cause engine damage with the hope that I do not arrive. Haha On the contrary, the man would be fired. So I do really enjoy the freedom.
(G): Ha ha. I hope he would still find another job.
(G): Which differences do you see between this and the artificial world?
(T): Puuh, The people behave towards me as they want, they also tell me what they want to say and not what is dictated to them from the man on the moon. Their behaviour is very interesting. The first thing I hear is always either "Oh my god that’s Truman" or "Are you Truman Burbank? “ And the second thing is they think they know me because they watch the show, but before I leaved Seahaven I already told Christof you never had a camera in my head or in my heart. I think the only person that knows me correct is “Marlon”. He might was not a true friend but he is the only who knows how I feel even if he only said that what he was told, I`m sure he thought the truth.
(G): Have you seen him during those 2 years?
(T): Yes I did, 8 month after I leaved Seahaven. I saw him in New York City.
(G): And how did you react? Or what did you feel?
(T): I’ve been really nervous, he was shopping with his family. It surprised me very much since I do not even know he has a wife and two girls. I pluck up all my courage and went over to him. After I greeted him, he wanted to apologize, but I interrupted him and said that it was not necessary. I knew he would want to apologize. Because he has a very good heart and only a man with heart can recognize that. He began to cry and thanked me after we hugged each other. After all that he has introduced me to his family and now his daughters calls me Uncle Truman.
(Audience applause)
(G): What have you done during these two years?
(T): Most notably I married Sylvia Garland.
(Loudly applause)
(T): Thank you, thank you. Yeah after that we looked for an apartment in the city. To feed ourselves and live we needed a job and get paid so I searched for an employment. Right now I’m still working in an insurance company, I was surprised that the insurances are the same as in the company I worked before. Many producers offered me a role in series, movies, etc.. What I did not understand, because in these 30 years in the “Truman Show” I just was myself, I haven’t played myself and now the producer want me stand in front of the camera and play Truman Burbank. Steven Spielberg doesn’t even have scripts for me, he said just say what you want, but make it funny. But after 30 years following cameras, just believe me you do not want to become an actor believe me that ladies and gentlemen. So I look forward for a very middleclass live without having four cars and five houses in four different areas of the world. I’m happy with my apartment in a year me and Lauren maybe decide to have kids and just move out of the city with our dog and live in a little town.
(G): See ladies and gentlemen the life which some regard as boring is Truman Burbank’s future.
(G): Truman have you ever thought about suing Christof and his company.
(T): Hahaha, no I couldn’t. Why should I Gevorg?
(G): Well Truman they invade in your privacy and that violates the law.
(T): Ohh Gevorg the state is doing the same things today. Just think about it. You got the internet, mobile phones, E-Mails and bank accounts. The government has insight to all the web pages you visit, he has insight in your bank accounts to check how much money you got and for what you spend it. He knows who the person is you call five times a day. And he will always know because we are dependent on these comfortable ways to be connected with somebody on the other side of the world. So why should I sue him? No I won’t because if he where not I wouldn’t have met Lauren, I wouldn’t be the Truman who I am today. So there is no reason to punish him for making me who I am.
(G): I think this optimistic way of thinking deserves an applause. I do not know if I would also respond like that.
(Loudly applause)
(G): Ok the next question, Truman what was the first thing you did after leaving Seahaven?
(T): Hahaha, I do not know if you`ll believe me but i went over to the camera crew and next to them stood a table with Donuts and stuff. I looked one of the deep in his eyes and he was really scared, I took a donut bit in it and asked him where the exit is. He told me so i went straight out of the building and searched a phone box. Searched the Lauren in the telephone directory and found Sylvia. After I found out that my whole life was faked I knew that the argument Sylvia is in Fiji couldn’t be true. So I decided to search her no matter how long it takes, I tought to myself I must find her.
(G): Congratulations that you did Truman. Now we have a caller which also wants to ask a question.
Gevorg’s Show Gevorg is speaking who is there ?
(C): Yeah hye here is Mike
(G): Hye Mike
(T): Hello
(G): So Mike what’s your question to Truman.
(C): Ehm yeah Mr. Burbank at first I really like your character and congratulate you for marrying Sylvia.
(T): Thank you very much Mike
(C): And my question was that I would like to know if you ever watched your own show?
(T): Haha, that’s a really, really good question unfortunately I have the original footages. I got them from Christofs company, at first Sylvia protested but I respond with the argument that a lot of people collect pictures or have some recorded videos of their birthday. But I have a whole DVD collection which includes 30 years of my life. So yeah I watched some parts and have them. I hope I could answer your question.

Antwort von GAST | 22.03.2010 - 17:03
(C): Ohh yeah you did thank you.
(T): You are welcome.
(G): Ohh what a shame our time is over. But I thank you in name of the whole world that you have taken the time to answer our questions. I wish you and Sylvia a happy future and I hope your wishes come true.
(T): Thank you very much, I wish you the same.

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