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Bill Gates


1.His Early life
3.His Personal life
4.His House

His Early Life

William Henry „Bill“ Gates III was born in 28th October 1955 in Seattle.
His father was William H.Gates (lawyer) and his mother Mary Maxwell Gates [teacher]. Bill Gates has got 2 sisters: Kristianne Gates and Libby Gates.
Bill Gates was very good in School, especially in Maths and science. When he was 13 years old he go to the private Lakeside School in Seattle. The student-mothers from the Lakeside School arrange a charity bazaar, that was normal in USA. With the proceeds they gave the pupils the chance, to get time with Computer. Computer time was very expensive then. But the Computer at that time were only calculator,very colossal and without a screen. Only a keyboard and a printer. The pupils plays Tic-Tac-Toe with it. A Tic-Tac-Toe game normaly takes a few minutes. But with the Computer it takes an hour at all. Bill Gates write the Program for Tic-Tac-Toe alone.
Programing new programs for the Computer became very interesting for him.
At 1969 when he was 14 he founded his first company Traf-O-Data with Paul Allen. About Paul Allen I will talk later more. They engineered a system to detect the flow of traffic. They got 20.000 US-Dollar for that.
1973 he go to the Harvard-University to study but he don`t concentrate at his study. The most time he was in the computer room. In Harvard he also meet Steve Ballmer. Steve Ballmer is the follower of Bill Gates in Microsoft now.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft 1975 with Paul Allen. The first great outcome was, when he sell IBM the System MS-DOS 1981. 1990 came Microsoft Windows and the Office -Suite Microsoft Office that anyone use in school, at home or in the job. Since Januar 2000 the Chief Executive Officer is Steve Ballmer. Bill Gates is only the chairman and the chief software architect. June 2006 Bill Gates announce, that he will leave his full-time job at Microsoft to concentrate more on his beneficence Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The last workday was the 27th June 2008.

His Personal Life
Bill Gates is since 1994 married with the software engineer Melinda French. He has got two daughters and one son with her
daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates (*1996) and Phoebe Adele Gates (*2002) and son Rory John Gates (*1999)
He lives with his family in Medina at Lake Washington near Seattle. He lives very retired. The press doesn`t hear much about him. But when he marry in December 1993 the press hope, that they could write little Storys about the party and stuff, but reporters aren`t allowed at the marriage. His marriage was great. He flew all guest to the island Lanai near Hawaii.The richest men of the United State were invited. But no Hollywood Star.

His House
Bill Gates has got a spectacular and exceeding house. He say Cyberhome to that building. It is 4.600m² great house on an 21.000m² great land. This estate has got 7 sleep rooms, 24 bath rooms, 6 kitchens 6 chimney,
1.a 362 m² great swimming pool
2.a Fitness-Studio with sauna
3.a boathouse
4.a cinema
5.a beach
6.a green
7.bill gates bureau
8.a gatehouse
9.a sport-field
10.the living quarter
11.the library
12.a 585m² great underground garage
13.a underground guesthouse

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