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Character portrait of Angela McCourt from the novel Angelas Ashes

Alles zu AngelaCharacter portrait of Angela McCourt from "Angelas Ashes"

Angela Mc Court who is one of the major character and the author’s mother is originally from Limerick in Ireland and went to New York in search of a better life and brighter future. While her stay in America she met her future husband Malachy, who was viewed as lower class because of his stamped northern Irish manners and alcoholism. After having a little get-together she became pregnant and her family forced her to marry Malachy who left Angela in a difficult situation by not finding work and always sitting in a speakeasy and drinking whiskey. Her main purpose is to maintain and form a family image and provide some form of hope to her children and herself which is actually hard to achieve in dark periods without having money, by being worn out with at the end 5 children and without any support of Malachy who takes no responsibility. Angela is ashamed of not being able to give her children a better existence and she’s feels shamed for begging for food, for example she can’t offer the twins milk, instead she gives them water with sugar which isn’t the best for their teeth.
The question of religion is very important for Angela’s role in society; because of him being Protestant and furthermore a criminal by hijacking a truck with buttons and not acting like a good father and husband because he can’t feed his family.
Angela always seems to be in trouble that already started with her birth between old year and New Years Eve. She has two brothers and a sister and never saw her father, who went to Australia.
Despite constant poverty Angela is a loving mother and never lowers her expectations for her sons; she raises them to be well-behaved, kind and conscientious.
Under all these circumstances it seems like she’s more and more loosing strength to fight on her own for all her children and a higher standing.

Die Figur der "Angela Mc Court" aus dem Roman "Angelas Ashes" wird charakterisiert. (328 Wörter)
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