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"The Aboriginal myth of the creation of the world"

The first step of the creation of the world is the "Dream Times". At that time the whole world has been empty and lifeless. There was no biological life, no water or anything else, just a flat platform without any texture or deformations up to the horizont. Then out of nowhere giants came, with a plenty of different appearances. They looked like animals, insekts or plants, but at all behaved and made up their mind like real human beeings do. All the time they did a lot of travelling around that platform, living their lifes the way, the Aborigines still do. They made fire, camped, digged for water, etc. and wherever they have been, that flat platform changed and became some geographical feature or some kind of landmark.
So the Aboregenes believe, that those giants made the world, what it is today. The even have other natural explanations for special landmarks. Some water holes at Ayers Rock are believed to have been the home of a huge snake, or that the deep canyon at Nirunya has been cut into the platform by Milibili, the Lizard, trying to catch the woman Katunga. They are even sure that those huge caves at Katatjuna where the home of the man-eating Pungalunga men. All those creatures are believed to be the ancestors of the tribes, the Aborigines are devided into. So each tribe has its own giant they suppose to be related with. This explains the name, those tribes have, like for example "Snake-men" or "Emu-men" and so on. For this reason each tribe believes its region to have been the camp of their related giant. So they feel strongly connected with nature and are extremely fond of presenting their ancestor's work to tourists and guests.

'The Aboriginal myth of the creation of the world' - Eine kurze Erklärung (auf Englisch), wie die Erde nach den Vorstellungen der Aborigigies entstanden ist. (301 Wörter)
Aboriginal myth of the creation of the world | Englisch | English | Erklärung | Entstehung der Welt | Aboriginies | Aboriginis
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