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Elvis Presley - The King of Rock

Alles zu Presley, ElvisToday I want to talk about Elvis Presley. I’m sure you all know him, but let me show you some pictures of him on the overhead. (The first photo was taken in 1958 when the newcomer Elvis Presley was discovered with the song “Love me Tender”- The second picture shows the house in which Elvis was born on the eight of January. On that picture you can see
“The King of Rock” in his best years. That photo was taken at his last concert in Indianapolis.
That’s a portrait of Elvis Presley and the last photo was taken during his first big record “Hearthbreak Hotel” which was on place one of the charts for a long time.
First I want to tell you something about Elvis life as a popstar. Afterwards I will tell you something about the myth that Elvis Presley is still alive and about a man’s opinion.
Elvis Presley was born at the eighth of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He was a twin, but his brother Jesse Garon died after birth. Elvis’ family was very poor but Elvis had a good education. He sang in a choir. At the age of ten Elvis got his first guitar. In 1953 Elvis finished school. The he made money with driving trucks. Elvis produced a record for his mother who this time had her birthday. The record was called “My happiness”. In the year 1956 Elvis made the first records in the Sunstudio. 5000 records of “That’s allright, mama” were sold after a TV show. So Elvis went on tours.
In 1956 he sang the songs “Heartbreak hotel”, “Don’t be cruel”, “Jailhouse Rock” and “Love me tender”. And he started to act in some films. In March Elvis bought a church which was very expensive. The church was rebuilt to a residence with 24 rooms.
In 1961 Elvis gave his last concert for the following eight years in Honolulu.
In 1967 Elvis married the twenty-one year old girl Priscilla Beaulieu. So the dreams of many women were destroyed. Therefore they killed themselves.
In 1968 his daughter Lisa Mary was born. Today she is the wife of popstar Michael Jackson. Then Elvis gave concerts again.
In 1969 Elvis was represented in the US-charts agin with the song, “In the ghetto”.
In 1973 Elvis was divorced from Priscilla. From this time on Elvis’ records weren’t sold as before. In 1974 Elvis fell ill. You might think that someone who earns so much money would be really happy but actually Elvis was very unhappy. He saw all the negative aspects of being a popstar. For instance he didn’t have much privacy and wherever he went the people became crazy, wanted to kiss him or get an autograph. Elvis simply wanted to be normal. He wanted to go for a walk and do thins all others can do. Elvis ate very much to kill his anger and sadness and he took pills against nearly everything. He took pills against fear, to sleep better and against illness although he wasn’t ill actually. Some say he was also addicted to drugs, but I don’t think so.
In 1977 on the 26th of June, Elvis gave his last public concert in Indianapolis. Now I want to show you a picture of Elvis Presley at his last concert. Look at this picture accurately. You can see that Elvis Presley looks already worn out and he doesn’t seem to enjoy his concert.
Elvis died on the 16th of August of a heart attack. 80.000 people came to his funeral.
After his death his records and souvenirs were very expensive. Elvis left 800 Million Dollars behind.
In 1988 a man wrote in the Rennbahnexpress that he he was sure Elvis was still alive. He wrote Elvis lived happily on an island. Elvis had known a man who died of cancer. This man looked similar to him. Therefore they changed their existence.
This is only one opinion of a man. We don’t know if it’s the truth or not. I think that Elvis is dead because he ate loads of fat things and I think the idea that he died of a heart attack seems very realistic to me.
At last I want to give you a three minute example of Elvis’ most popular hits. Of course you might miss same really good songs but unfortunately there isn’t enough time to give you more examples.
I hope you now know more about Elvis Presley.
Thank you for your attention and are there any questions?
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