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Stephen King – Biography

Stephen King is one of the most famous horrorbook-autohrs in the world. He sold about 200 million books.
He was born on 21.09.1947 in Portland. He grew up with an older brother.
His parents are Donald and Nellie Ruth King.
In 1949, his father disappered and his family had to travel between lots of towns.
The ending of traveling was in Durham/Main. About 2 years later, Steven made eighteen little storys and published them in his own little newspaper.
Then there followed “I was a Teenager Grave Robber”, “The Glass floor” and “Startling Mysterie Stories”.
His next step was the study at the “Lisbon Halls High School” for 6 years (1966-1970). At this time he met a girl, named Tabitha Spruce. A few years later, they were married.
The first years without his parents, Stephen worked at a patrol station and as an english teacher. Next to his work he sold his little storys.
Stephen King wouldn’t be the famous author, when his wife didn’t motivated him to finish his first real book “Carrie”.
Since this book his career went up quickly and was famous from one day of the next. His third book, “Shining”, was filmed with Jack Nichelson and was a great sucess.
Stephen can’t fix with the big sucess, so he started to take drugs and was an alcoholic. His wife thought about a divorce, but this was the cause, why Stephen stopped drinking and taking drugs. He wrote in the years 1977 to 1984 5 books, but not with his name, with an pseudonym, Richard Bachmann.
But noone bought this books, only as everyone knew that Stephen King wrote this books, thexy bought them.
In June 1999 Stephen had an heavy accident, which he paied nearly with his life.
His wounds were grave, so he had to make many operations in an hospital.
Stephen King published 25 storys, about 100 short storys, many storysamplers and some filmscripts.

Dies ist eine Biografie des Schriftstellers Stephen King, der unter anderen das Buch "Misery" geschrieben hat. Verfasst auf Englisch. (325 Wörter)
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