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The Pigman - Lesetagebuch

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The Pigman, Paul Zindel - Lesetagebuch

names of characters

main events
John Conlan
Lorraine Jensen
Miss Reillen (Cricket)

15th April

Franklin High School
Tell the truth about what happened to Mr. Angelo Pignati.
John Conlan

-- (one day)

Franklin High School (library)
  • lower grade John makes prank (Streiche) for example: he was a bathroom bomber and roll fruits in the substitute lesson with other classmate
  • Lorraine look sad (about death Pignati) => John will help her => and write with her the story about (Mr. Angelo) Pignati
Lorraine Jensen

lunch (12 o’clock)

cafeteria, library
  • Lorraine describe John
  • She convinced that smoking is an infantile
  • later she describe herself
  • Lorraine tell how she get to know John
John Conlan
(Dennis Kobin)
(Norton Kelly)
(Lorraine Jensen)


friends home
(Norton Kelly, Dennis Kobin)
· Both have same wishes of profession: actor/actress
· Lorraine want be a writer
· altogether make phone gags (Wednesday afternoon by Dennis)
(Sunday by Norton)
· Lorraine has picked out the phone number from Pigman
· Lorraine and John haven’t murdered him (Pigman)
· Maybe they speeded things up a little (death of Pigman)

John Conlan
Dennis Kobin
Norton Kelly
Lorraine Jensen
Mr. Angelo Pignati


friends home

  • Lorraine tell something about Norton and Dennis
  • She describe Norton (eyes as a mouse, pretty big, John hate Norton, he is outcast, his nickname: Marshmallow, he has the idea for phone marathons)
  • Lorraine search out Mr. Pignati by the phone marathon (she cheated)
  • She call Mr. Pignati and ask for a small donations
  • Lorraine say it is the Lorraine and John Fund (L and J Fund)
  • Mrs. Pignati is in California, her favourite joke : the best get-well cards
  • Lorraine thinks Mr. Pignati is lonesome
  • John and his parents lies
  • Mr. Pignati will send 10 Dollar to the "L and J Fund”
  • John will now talk with Pignati because he will the money (and took the telephone receiver (Telefonhörer)
John Conlan
Lorraine Jensen
false name: Miss Trueman (Lorraine)
Mr. Wandermeyer (John)


2 days

John’s home, Pignatti home
  • Mr. Pignati had invented Lorraine and John (over) to his house the next day
  • Norton one who finally caused all the trouble
  • John is at home his mother and father are berserk (because the phone-lock with glue)
  • Lorraine and John go to Mr. Pignati
  • Pignati seemed glad to see Lorraine and John
  • John and Lorraine play a game with Pignati (remember 10 things)
  • Pignati ask if Hon and Lorraine want to go to zoo with him
  • Pignati shows collection of his pigs


left the Pigman house, Tony Market, Lorraine’s House
  • John cashed the check and got a six-pack of beer and pack of cigarettes
  • Lorraine and John doesn’t go to school
  • They go with Mr. Pignati in the zoo
  • Mr. Pignati show his "best friend” Bobo (Bob is a monkey)

  • John and Lorraine are in the zoo
  • After the zoo – visit the met Norton and Dennis
  • Drunk a beer at the cemetery
  • John and his father have a discussion about the future of John (want be an actor)
  • Chonchetta’s funeral bill the found
  • Pigman say that she dies


  • Chonchetta make not a Journey => she is death
  • Pigman => tell about the creditcard
  • Lorraine can’t cook
  • Mother take something from her patients
  • Delikatessenabteilung 8. Stockwerk (Kaufhaus)
  • John and Lorraine should choose something
  • Lorraine hasn’t buy anything for herself
  • Pigman buy for Lorraine 3 pack Nylonstrümplfe (Lorraine would like something for her motherGr. 11)
  • Toybay (Spielwarenabteilung), Animalbay (Tierabteilung), 3 monkey, names they Bobo
  • Pigman sportbay => buy roller-skates for all 3 John and Lorraine have wear in the department store
writer: John

before Thanksgiving

November Masters Tomb
  • Norton and John hate each other
  • Cro –Magnon man (Norton)
  • Norton play with dolls as kid
  • Norton with ten years go berserk
  • Norton was specialist in the five finger discount (freshman)
  • Met on the cemetery
  • Norton would steal electric stuff by Pigman
  • John drink with 10 years beer

writer: Lorraine

Christmas holiday /December/ January

Lorraine home
Pigman house
  • Everyday the meet Pigman after the school (in Pigman house)
  • Lorraine her that => told mother that she was at the Latin club and missed the bus
  • Bobo wouldn’t eat, sad Pigman
  • Pigman and John look a television show
  • John told that he and Lorraine lie to Mr Pignati
  • (say the true of both) John and Lorraine fund
  • Lorraine told the full story
  • Pigman told Chonchetta is death
  • Pigman tell a murder story (game)
  • All together take skater and drive in the house
  • Pigman follow John => become not air
writer: John

Monday next day

Pigman house
  • Pigman become a heat attach
  • Lorraine and John sad the are the children from Pigman (as the Police question)
  • As the police was out Pigman house
  • Lorraine would like begin a discussion with John
  • They found the key for the house in the kitchen
  • They lock up and go out (grave)
  • Next day cut school and drive by bus to the hospital (to Pignati)
  • John hat the hospital
  • Mr Pignati is happy
  • John and Lorraine should meet Bobo
  • Lorraine make evening meal (spaghetti)
  • John and Lorraine try to wear the Mr and Mrs Pignati cloths
  • John kiss Lorraine
writer: Lorraine
- Friday
  • used the school telephone (aren’t allowed)
  • Lorraine phone hospital
  • Saturday earliest day Pigman come home
  • Lorraine clean the house of Pigman
  • John has bad moody
  • Watch TV (film with Doris Day’s)
  • Clean al the house (with out the pig room)
  • John will make a party with Lorraine and friends
writer: John


Pignati’s house
  • Dennis coma at first
  • Dennis should steal a bottle whiskey from his father (building inspector)
  • Dennis bring also a soda mixers a dozen glasses
  • to coma also Deanna Deas, Helen Kazinski (best girl friend from Deanna)
  • Helen is very fat
  • Another friend come everybody has a problem
  • Jan Appling. 6 feet two inches
  • they make a party with not much more than 40
  • John doesn’t like when somebody tells him what he should do (garbage)
  • at 10:30 Norton come furious to the party (he was not invented)
  • Norton would steal a oscilloscope, but John want it prevent
  • at the end Norton beat John (knocked)
  • Norton crashed some the pigs from Mr. Pignati
  • John punch Norton
  • the Pigman came at the evening
writer: Lorraine

at the evening

Pignatis house, Tony’s Market, zoo
  • the police came to the Pigman’s house and put John in the patrol car
  • Pignati crying upstairs
  • Lorraine hat John because he had Lorraine being drunk where she needs him
  • Lorraine is afraid about the mother what she would do
  • Policeman bring Lorraine at home
  • the mother beat Lorraine in her face
  • mother was very angry
  • Lorraine say the truth her mother
  • Lorraine would phone Pignati
  • want to Tony’s Mark (Lorraine and John)
  • they call Mr. Pignati
  • Lorraine and John want apologize by Mr. Pignati’s
  • go to the zoo
  • Pignati came ten minutes later
  • he looks sick
  • all together would visit Bobo
  • Bobo wasn’t there he is died last week
  • Pigman dropped to the floor
  • Pignati was dead
  • all monkeys crying


  • tiny monkey with yellow frames (around the eyes) look on the death Mr. Pignati
  • John felt for a pulse -nothing
  • John take the sunglasses from Lorraine and held it about the mouth of Pignati (was no breath to could)
  • John things about Pigman death
  • Many people come to Pignati and would look what happen => John hate that
  • He takes the leave (Abschied)
  • Lorraine and John understand better
Pigman - jeder muss dieses englische Buch in der Sekundarstufe lesen. Dies ist ein Lesetagebuch, wo Inhalt, Ort u. Zeit. Personen dargestellt werden (zu den einzelnen Kapiteln). (1409 Wörter)
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