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Driving Miss Daisy - Characterization Boolie Werthan

Alles zu Alfred Uhry  - Driving Miss Daisy

About Boolie Werthan

(Driving Miss Daisy)

> He is the son of Miss Daisy (p.7 l.8)
> He is married to Florine (p.22 l.12)
> He is 40 years old, is a businessman, Junior Chamber of Commerce style (p.7 l.8-9)
> He has inherited his father's printing company and as years progress it makes him one of the best established, leading businessmen of his community (p.34 l.10-21)
> Boolie is very careful in his community, he is concerned about his image.
For example, while being Jewish himself, he tells his mother that he does not want to attend the United Jewish Appeal banquet for Martin Luther King, Jr. for fear that his attendance might not be good for his business (p.35 l.61-65)
> The Werthans are Jewish, but they have a strong Atlanta accents (p.7 l.9-10)
> He is a skilled person, capable of mastering many situations with his strong aura
(p.7 l.9...He has a strong, capable air)
> He fells responsible for his mother. Boolie's mother behavior versus Daisy's self-confident appearance (p.8 l.17/ p.8 l.38)
> Boolie and Hook have a professional relationship to each other (p.12)
> He makes the decisions alone and has the last word (p.12 l.34-36)
> He isn't interested in his uncle's birthday (p.26 l.12)

Informationen über Boolie Werthan aus dem Buch "Driving Miss Daisy": What facts do we learn about Boolie?
In what kind of situation do we see Boolie, and what does this reveal about his character? (210 Wörter)
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