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Dringende Verbesserung gebraucht! E-Mail(10.Schulstufe)

Frage: Dringende Verbesserung gebraucht! E-Mail(10.Schulstufe)
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Dieser Text ist ein formaler Brief. Hier sollte man die Ratschläge für eine schwangere Freundin zusammenfassen- natürlich auch ermutigen. Auf eine grammatikalische Verbesserung würde ich mich freuen! Ich habe leider bis morgen Zeit:(

Dear Lisa,
Do not forget that I am always by your side no matter what situation.

I am sorry that you are going through this pregnancy right now. But I will be with you every step of this way to help and promote you with all my power.

First, you have to contemplate a possible solution, whether to keep the baby, to have an abortion or to give it up for adoption.

If you decide on having an abortion you have to consider, that there are laws limiting abortions past a certain number of week of pregnancy. Also, you will need the parental notification requirement.

Maybe, you are not ready to take responsibility for raising a child, but also not comfortable with the idea of abortion. Then you have to think about the option to get in touch with adoption agencies. I cannot assure you, that this is a perfect option for the future because the adopt-parents will expose the adoption.

Finally, the most challenging option is to keep and raise your baby. You have to know that a life with a newborn baby is not the same as a teenage-life. The conditions of raising a child are clear: Money and time. Also, please consider, that it is illegal to exclude you from education and you have the right to education as every teenager has.

In this important purpose, you make regarding all three options because all these options have pros and cons. All these options will impact your life in significant ways. Keep in your mind that this is your life and your choice: Do not let anybody to influence you.
Yours sincerely,
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