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Brief für ein Job als Hundeausführer

Frage: Brief für ein Job als Hundeausführer
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Hallo ich muss einen informalen Brief schreiben.
In Bezug auf ein Job als Hundesitter.
Danke fürs Verbessern !

Hans Meier
89656 Pfalz

8th July 1999

Sabine Miller
185 Fleet Street

London EAC4A 2HS

RE: Advertisement for a job as a dog sitter

Dear Madame,

I am writing to apply for the job as a dog sitter. I saw your advert yesterday in a newspaper.

I am in year 10 at the Realschle in Pflaz and have been learning English for 8 years. A job as a dog sitter would give me the chance to work better with animals and also the caring for them.
I have two dogs. So I have experience with the sitting. I am a honest and faithfully person. Also Iam very punctual and not lazy.
I speak three languages. English, French and German.
I have some questions to you.
How much money I earn ?
What dog breed do you have?
When and which days can i take for a walk?

I can mostly sit every day.

I will call you for more details.
I am attaching my CV.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully
Hans Meier
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