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Bitte um Korrektur

Frage: Bitte um Korrektur
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Hallo liebe Community, ich weiß es ist ein etwas längerer Text, jedoch wäre ich euch sehr dankbar, wenn jemand dazu bereit wäre, diesen zu korrigieren. Ich bin in Englisch noch sehr schwach und bin für jede Hilfe dankbar.

Today we want to present you a product of the company ferrero.
Ferrero is one of the largest confectionery manufacturer in the world.
They are creating many products that are you probably already known.
For example: Kinder Schokolade, Mon Cheri, Hanuta and Giotto
But today we will present you the product Nutella.

Main ingredients
The main ingredients of nutella are cocoa, sugar, palm oil, milk, hazel nuts.
Their selection is based on strict criteria.
The main factors are: excellence in quality and full respect for human rights and sustainability.
For the compliance with the criteria, there is also a code.
The Ferrero Code of Business Conduct.
In this code, you can find all the basic requirements.

1. Cocoa
The first main ingredient is the cocoa bean. Cocoa, which is used for Nutella, comes from various regions of the world. but mainly it comes from the Ivory Coast (which means Elfenbeinküste), Ghana, Nigeria and Ecuador.
Ferrero wants to buy up to 2020 cocoa from 100 percent sustainable production.
To achieve this goal, they already cooperate with fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance.
They are particularly committed. But I think that you all should know these two organizations.

2. Sugar
The next important ingredient is sugar. The sugar, which is used for the nutella,
comes to 100 percent from Germany. According to the Ferrero Code of Business Conduct they use only sugar without genetic engineering

3. Palm Oil
The next ingredient is palm oil. One of the most important vegetable oils worldwide.
The Palm Oil comes from Malaysia and Brazil.
Ferrero attaches great importance to the traceability of this raw material.
Since 2005 the company is an active member of RSPO. The ,,Roundtable of
Sustainable Palm Oil".
The RSPO was founded in 2004 to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil.
And since the end of 2013 Nutella is produced from 100% sustainably certified RSPO palm oil worldwide.

4. Milk
The milk is 100% percent from traditional dairy regions in Germany.
For the production of Nutella they use milk powder.
To get the milk poweder you have to eliminate the water of the milk.

5. Hazel nuts
The hazelnuts which are processed for the Nutella, come mainly from Turkey and Italy.
A special attention of the quality will be cast on Turkey.
Ferrero wants to buy up to 2020 hazel nuts from 100 percent sustainable production like the cocoa.
The Supplier
Their products are sourced from carefully selected suppliers, which of course can guarantee freshness consistent quality, consistent taste characteristics and foot safety. They pay attention to short and controlled supply chains, in order to create an efficient traceability system.
To this end, Ferrero maintain for about 40 years long-term supplier relationships.

Danke im voraus und allen einen schönen Sonntag.

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