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Hab 3 kleine Texte auf Englisch geschrieben und es wäre nett wenn ihr die Fehler korrigiert. Wäre auch nett wenn ihr 1-2 Sätze hinzufügen könntet. Wenn ihr es korrigiert, wäre es nett die Sätze nicht zu kürzen bzw, den Text. ( Eine Bitte = Länge Sätze )

* Hab versucht mit Kontra Argumente 3 Texte über Tattoos/Schuluniform und Piercings zusammenzufassen, warum ich es nicht gut finde.


On the one hand is a tattoo a body decorations and on the other hand is a tattoo unhealthy. But In my opinion I think that tattoos are bad, because for me look all tattoos ugly. Tattoos sting is painful and for the body is it nasty. If you have tattoos then it may be that it complicates your job search. The Tattoos sting is depending on the size expensive. The Tattoo is forever on your body respectively on your live.The Tattoos can you with a laser treatment remove. But the laser treatment is painful and expensive.


On the one hand is a piercings a body decorations and on the other hand is a piercings terrible.
But In my opinion I think that piercings are bad, because it´s looks bad. Piercings is at this time 
old fashioned. Many piercings on your face can make problems on your job or on the job search as banker. The big piecings hole is forever on your body and piercings sting is expensive.
Through Piercings you can became inflammation and is dangerous when you make sport.

On the one hand the school uniform represent the school and on the other hand school uniforms look totally old fashioned and more.
But In my opinion I think that school uniforms are bad, because a lot of people have the same clothes and thats bad. The children would be able to look unique . They don´t want to look like their classmate, young people want to look different. The school uniforms look totally old fashioned and ugly. I think thats school unfiorm uniforms are unfortable and I feel own my clothes more comefortable. Some students want to wear clothes thats you like.  If they feel discomfort, they go not to school.
Frage von yilmaz111 | am 28.12.2014 - 16:33

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Antwort von Annibamy | 30.12.2014 - 15:16

On the one hand,
a  tattoo is a body decoration, but on the other hand it`s unhealthy. But in my opinion tattoos are always bad, because i think they are ugly. The sting of a tattoo hurts pretty much (depends on the part of rhe body) and is nasty for your body. A negative effect of tattoos is viewable for example  in job interviews. Not every boss likes tattoos and it may give the interviewer a bad image of you. Sometimes the first look counts. Another problem is the prize. A tattoo can be really expensive to make and it usually rests forever if you dont want to remove it with a laser (that is really expenisve and painful again!) Most of the people regret their tattoos, if they were made during  party night where they were drunk or during the puberty. It can be so embarrassing, that they need to either remove it or they need to get another tattoo over the old one.

hier zumindest mal der 1. Text :) habe versucht beizubehalten was ging, hab jedoch geringfügig verändert.  Schau einfach obs passt, hab noch was angehängt. Falls ich heute noch Zeit finde lese ich mir noch schnell die anderen durch! :)

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Antwort von Annibamy | 01.01.2015 - 16:51
So hier noch die anderen Texte:


in my opinion, a piercing is a terrible body decoration. But out of my point of view i`d say that piercings in general are bad not just because it looks bad, but also because it`s old-fashioned. If you have a lot of piercings for example in your face (if they are viewable), it can be bad for your job search or if you work with customers. Many people may judge your person because of the amount of piercings. Another problem that can show up is the hole that stays forever. The piercing can be very expensive.YOu can add that the piercing can proovoke inflammations and endanger your body. It is also difficult to wear a piercing in some sports, because it its an obstacle. 

Schuluniform...  The school uniform is a good way to represent the school, but on the other side a school uniform looks old-fashioned. (Wenn du schreibst "and more" musst du das benennen, und mehr kann so ziemlich alles sein. Sei präziser!) But in my own opinion, i think that school-uniforms arent good because everyone has to wear the same clothes, and that has a ba impact on the children. Without a school uniform the children could be able to look unique and special. They want to be special and they dont want to look the same. Many people feel more comfortable, when they wear their own clothes, maybe they dont agree with the schooluniform. Students, who feel uncomfortable in their clothes, are usually not happy and arent able to use their whole capability.

So, teilweise finde ich (persönlich) die Argumente etwas zewifelhaft, vllt kannst nochmal umdenken. :) Das wäre es von meiner Seite, hoffe es hilft.

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