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Englisch Tagebucheinträge :)

Frage: Englisch Tagebucheinträge :)
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Hallo zusammen,

könnte mal jemand über mein Diary das ich zu dem Buch "The Wave" schreiben sollte grammatikalisch und vom Satzbau her korrekt ist? Danke, wäre echt nett! :)

20th of April 1981
I went to school as usual with David.
It looked like a normal day, but then we saw in history class a film about the Hitler time in Germany and I was completely shocked and pulled along. But David and his friend Brain had nothing but the lunch and the football team in their mind. Of course I was angry and went with Amy to the office, where I was a long time thinking about the movie. I just could not believe that people did so, as if they hadn’t heard anything. Me and my history class, even including David, were convinced that such a thing never will happen again. Now I lie in bed and wonder what we are going to do in history class tomorrow, whether we are going to talking about the film, or whether we simply are going to conclude with the topic?
21th of April 1981
Of course I went back to school with David. I was quite curious to see if we would talk about the Hitler times. In the 6th Hour and we had history. When we stepped into the classroom, stood at the blackboard in a bold font: "STRENGHT THROUGH DISCIPLINE". I wondered what that meant? After 5 minutes, the course was quiet and then Mr. Ross asked us what we think about discipline. After the question was answered, he made a game with us. Amy had to go forward, put her legs parallel to each other, the spine should be grade and the hands locked behind his back. We should repeat it. The outsider Robert Billings made it as best and has been particularly praised. Then the game went on. We had to run around in class and sit by his command as soon as possible on the course straight. After this game he setted up "class rules", such as to give short answers. After that day, I was pretty exhausted and I`m happy to sleep now.
22th of April 1981
As always, I went to school with David. Today in history class was everything different. It started at the beginning that they all sat on the court, either Mr. Ross came too late. Today we went on with the spell. It now reads: "STRENGHT THROUGH DISCIPLINE! STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY! STRENGHT THROUGH ACTION". We have also discussed what it means. Since we have these principles, Mr. Ross has decided to name the new organization "The Wave". After this, I asked me for what all this is for. I think it`s somehow a bit crazy how all behave. Even David is different and my class also. Then this afternoon I wanted to talk to David, what he thinks about "the wave". But he said it’s perfect and he didn’t want to hear any criticism. Then I wanted to talk to Amy, but she didn’t want to listen as well. Now I feel bad because I had a fight because of "the wave" with David and Amy. I hope that this clears tomorrow. Maybe I take "the wave" a bit too critical. If David and Amy find them good, why not me? Tomorrow I go to them and excuse me.
23th of April 1981
Today, as always, I wanted to go to school with David as usual, but he didn’t come to pick me, so I walked alone to school. In school, I wanted to ask Amy if she knows what is going on with David. But she said to me that she doesn’t want to see me anymore, if I’m against "the Wave". I thought that I was right and that all other pupil weren’t normal since “The Wave” started. That`s what I told her and Amy just walked away. I was really sad that I just had a fight with her because of "the wave". Then I met David in the first big break. He just ignored me, but as I spoke with him, he said, a very strange sentence: "Take care of yourself and if you publish something, I can’t help you." Then I finally came up with the idea to publish something in the school newspaper, and I did it in the hour when I should have actually had history. Tomorrow I will publish the special edition of the newspaper to the whole school, what makes "the wave" with us students. I hope that David and Amy see what makes the project with them. But now I`m trying to sleep first.
24th of April 2013
Today is the 4th Day after it all began. Today I could distribute the special edition. The day passed as the last. I stay long in school and left it in the evening, when it is already dark. But today I had the feeling that someone follows me, and after 10 minutes David came suddenly and said to me that I should immediately stop using these lies. As I defended myself, he hit me in the face. I was so scared. After the initial shock, he took me in his arms and apologized. Then it was clear what "the wave" had done to him. Still in this night we went to Mr. Ross and described the incident and he has promised us that "the wave" is going to end tomorrow. Now it`s 3 clock in the morning and I wonder if I can really trust him

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Antwort von haithabu (ehem. Mitglied) | 29.04.2013 - 19:47
Ich habe keine Lust/Zeit, einen so langen Text zu lesen, denn wenn ich sehe, dass du nichtmal die englischen Ordnungszahlen

the first = the 1st, the second = the 2nd, the third = the 3rd kannst, dann weiß ich, was mich im Text erwarte(vgl. the 21th!)

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Antwort von honigkuchen35 (ehem. Mitglied) | 02.06.2013 - 13:50
hi, also ich muss sagen dass ich ehrlich gesagt nicht alles durchlesen konnte. sorry ^^
aber ich fand deinen text gut nur würde ich inhaltlich gesehen noch einige flashbacks einbauen und mehr diese atmosphäre durch deine eigenen beschriebenen gefühle betonen. Ansonsten hat mir dein text inhaltlich] sehr gut gefallen :)

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Antwort von matata | 02.06.2013 - 14:15
Eine Hilfe für die englischen Ordnungszahlen:
________________________ - Team

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